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Sperm can swim in any environment as long as there mets are required. they only last 4-7 days after ejaculation.

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A gland that secretes an alkaline fluid that helps sperm live longer?

The Prostate Gland secretes an alkaline fluid that helps the sperm live longer in the relatively acidic environment in the vagina. This helps neutralize the environment and allow the sperm to function and maximum capacity.

Is it safe to swim in water with a pH of 10?

A pH of 10 is an alkaline pH. Pathogens prefer an alkaline environment. When the pH becomes alkaline enough to kill pathogens, it will damage your skin.

Why the fluids produced by the seminal vesicle and prostate gland important?

The seminal vesicle provides nutrients and energy for the sperm as well as providing compounds that make sperm alkaline, which helps the sperm survive the highly acidic environment of the vagina. The prostate makes semen even more alkaline

What part does the sperm use to swim?

the sperm uses the head to swim.

Does acidity or alkalinity kill different sperm?

Acid kills sperm and the vaginal has a low pH level (acidic) this is why the sperm are suspended in seminal fluid (alkaline) to help nourish and protect the sperm form the acidic environment of the vagina.

Can you swim in an alkaline lake?

It would depend on how alkaline the lake was. The sea is slightly alkaline and you can swim in that. However, I wouldn't advise that you go and swim in a lake with a pH of 14! I think this question would do better if it was rephrased.

Why do sperm need an alkaline medium?

if it is not in alkaline medium d sperm would die and cannot give fertility

What are the chances of pregnancy when sperm do not swim properly?

What are the chances of pregnancy when sperm do not swim properly?"

Can sperm swim from outside of the vagina to the inside?

No, sperm can only swim inside the vagina.

Is alkaline water bad for your sperm count?

No it is not bad, Healthy cells are alkaline you know.

Is the vagina more acidic or alkaline during your period?

The vagina is acidic, sperm are alkaline.

Why is an alkaline environment required in the duodenum?

An alkaline environment is required in the duodenum to activate intestinal and pancreatic enzymes

What helps sperm swim?

The semen helps it to swim

Of what importance is the seminal fuid is alkaline?

Basically, the alkaline pH of the seminal fluid is to protect the sperm. This is necessary for a couple of reasons: - The vagina is slightly acidic, while the sperm are made to be in an alkaline environment. If they had no alkaline protection from the semen itself, they'd die when they hit the vagina, which kills the entire (evolutionary) point of having sex. - Urine is acidic, and there's often some leftovers from some previous peeing in the urethra. The semen neutralizes the urine, lettin gthe sperm go through without dying.

What is an alkaline phosphatase?

An alkaline phosphatase is any of a group of phosphatases which are most active in an alkaline environment.

Why are ferns considered incompletely adapted to the terrestrial environment?

Their sperm are flagellated. The sperm of ferns, like those of mosses, have flagella and must swim through a film of water to fertilize eggs.

Does mold on bread grow better in an alkaline or acidic environment?


Can sperm swim in a pool?


How do sperm swim?


What distance do sperm swim on average an hour?

on average what distance can sperm swim inside a womans body in an hour?

How does sperm move?

Sperm has tails and they swim like tadpoles

Where does sperm learn to swim?

Sperm learn to swim once it reaches the seminal vesicles. The vesicles provide fluid loaded with fructose that provides motility for the sperm

Do ferns need water to reproduce?

Yes and no. Ferns need to live in a moist environment in order for the sperm to be able to swim to the egg and fertilize it.

How the sperm mature?

sperm mature and learn to swim in the semifinouris tubules

What does a sperm swim up?

The vagina