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To get a little more technical, stress actually causes you to not ovulate. Not ovulating can tell your body that you don't need to menstruate. So if something traumatic (and sometimes not so traumatic) happens right before you are due to ovulate, your body will push it later to a more optimal time. So if something happens a week before, your body may wait a week which would then in turn make your period a week late. A FANTASTIC book to read is "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" It really makes a ton of sense when you read it and then think about your body and what it is telling you. Not directely

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Q: Can stress cause a late period?
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Period come early from stress?

Stress can cause your period to be early, late, or even skip a month.

Could stress cause the girl's period to be late?


Is a late period after anesthesia common?

Any medical treatment can cause stress on the body, resulting in a late period or completely skipping your period

Can stress cause a longer period?

I believe so. It can also cause late and missed periods

What could be wrong if your period is 6 days late and you have always had protected sex?

Stress and hormonal imbalances can cause your period to come late.

What are some things that can cause you to be 2 weeks late on your period?

Stress, Drugs, and Pregnancy.

I am five days late with my period but i am not pregnant. What could cause this?

stress can cause your period not to come on so my advice is to see a physician

Is it possible for stress to change a woman's period?

Yes stress can cause your period to come late be extremely light or not even come at all especially when your stressing about the possibility of being pregnant your period always seems to come late.....

Can stress cause you to skip a period?

Stress can cause you to skip a period, as well as sometimes can make your period come earlier. Also, periods an be late because of medications, pregnancy, birth control pills, illness,etc.

Can stress cause you to miss your period?

Yes. Stress can cause you to miss your period.

Can stress cause you to be two months late on your period?

Yes, stress can delay your period. But if you're having unprotected sex that can also delay your period. So can menopause (if your close to that age.)

Can irregular sleep patterns cause your period to be late?

Lots of things can cause your period to be late. Stress is one of them. Having irregular sleep patterns does cause a stress to your body, even if you don't feel stressed out. Try to regulate your sleep, but also look for other factors that may be the cause too.

What can cause late period?

Many things, diet, stress, strenous ongoing activities, pregnancy.

When your period is late do your emotions control it?

your emotions dont control but, but you can make your self late. if you are stressed or worried about being pregnant you can cause you period to be late, its not controld by emotions but stress dosent help

What causes a late period?

There are many factors that can cause a late period. Pregnancy, worrying about something too much, stress, not enough nutrition, to much exercise, illness, and menopause!

Can stress cause you to have your period?

No, stress cannot cause you to have your period.Menstruation is controlled by your menstrual cycle: you ovulate and the uterine lining builds-up in preparation for possible pregnancy, if you don't conceive the uterus lining breaks down and that's menstruation. Stress can delay menstruation as if your body is under stress it will delay ovulation in order to avoid you falling pregnant at times of stress where it may not cope.Stress will not cause you to have your period, if it did there are many of us who'd never be off our period!

Can your mind make you feel pregnant?

Yeah sometimes you may think you are which will cause stress if you don't want a baby and that will cause a late period

What can cause a womens period to start late?

depends on how late. You may be pregnant, but it can also be caused by stress and inadequate nutrition among other things

What if your period was supposed to come on the 16th and it hasn't come yet?

It most likely will come. Periods don't have clocks attached and many things can cause a period to be late several days. If you have been sick or under stress this can cause a late period. It will happen.

Why else would your period be late?


Can caffeine make your period late?

It is not a usual cause of someone's menstrual cycle running late. Stress, diets, exercise and such are common reasons besides pregnancy that a cycle is late.

Could you be pregnant if your period is 2 days late and there are no signs of it coming?

It is possible but so many things can cause a period to be only a few days late, dieting, stress, exercise, etc

Can stress make your period a month late?

Yes, it can. I dated a girl who had a month-late period at least three times during our relationship, due to stress.

Can herpes cause a late period?

Herpes will not cause a late period. Take a pregnancy test.

Why get white discharge 1 week after missed period?

That normal that discharge your period could be late because your irregular, stress, diet and age which can cause it to not come.