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YES!YES, AND THEY WILL BE. For gods sake, contact the lender and let them know you cannot afford to make the payments, they will work with you. You do not want your wages garnished.

FYI....There is a company that helped removed my defaulted student loan garnishment. Contact them at .

Educational loans are particularly sensitive when it comes to wage garnishment. Even states that do not allow wage garnishment exempt student loans so to answer your question - yes. Your student loan lender can garnish your wages until the full student loan is paid in full. If you are having trouble paying them off and need to lower payments or some other form of debt relief, there is an ombudsman service from the Federal Student Loan that you can use:
Yes, they definitely can!

If your defaulted loans are federal, like Stafford, PLUS, or Perkins, then you can get help from Default Management Services, Inc. Use Google to look up the phone #. Ask for Doug

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Q: Can student loans be garnished from wages?
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Can your wages be garnished for child support and student loans?


How will you know when your wages will be garnished for student loans?

Write and ask the student loan company.

Can my husbands wages be garnished if I default on my student loan?

Not if he did not cosign on the loans.

Can wages and Income tax be garnished at the same time for student loans?

yes and no

What percentage will be garnished for student loans?

In the U.S., 15% of your wages is the guideline, but I have seen up to 25%.

Does the state of Texas allow garnishment of wages for a repossessed vehicle?

garnished wages in Texasno the state of Texas does not garnish wages for no debts unless it is IRS related or student loans or anything dealing with government loans.

Can your wages be garnished if you voluntarily repo your car in Texas?

YES No, wages can not be garnished in Tx except for the IRS, Student Loans, & Child Support.....They can however garnish a bank account if they get a judgment against you in court.

Can you still receive student loans to continue pursuing graduate degree while having wages garnished on previous student loans?

Absolutely not. You know that phrase "there are no stupid questions"? It's a lie.

How much will be garnished for student loan?

In the US, the government can garnish up to 15% of your wages for defaulted federally guaranteed student loans. You can get out of default by rehabilitating your loans in 12 months, or by consolidating your loans. If you need help with the consolidation of defaulted student loans, click on the link below.

Can student loans be garnished from wages in Florida?

(in the US) student loans are guaranteed by the government for the sole purpose of the borrower completing their education and becoming a contributing member of the community. As a general rule the loan payment itself, is free from being garnished because it is not considered income.

In ny state can wages be garnished for private educational loans?

Yes. Wages can be garnished for any debt that is legally incurred and documented.

Can your wages be garnished by student loans and creditors?

In the event they secure a judgment against you then yes. The only way to garnish wages, aside from the federal government attaching your wages or freezing your accounts, is to have an order of garnishee. Without it, no employer will release wages for garnishment. Any who do are perhaps criminally liable. If your wages have been garnished, ask for a copy of the order.

Can your wages be garnished for a student loan when your wages are already being garnished?

this could happen, however, you are better off to hire a lawyer, or get legal aid.

Can the Head of Household's wages be garnished for a student loan in Florida?


Can your wages be garnished for not paying a student loan without getting a judgment?


Can SSA be garnished for unpaid student loans?

Sure can and so can your tax refund go to the loans.

Can 1099 independent contractors be garnished in California for student loans?


Can my wages be garnished by the student loans while i am in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

If your bankruptcy is currently active, collection efforts on the student loan will cease until the bankruptcy inactive at which point collection activities will start again.

Can a wages be garnished in Texas for a SBA loan?

The state of Texas does allow for the garnishment of wages other than child support and school loans. Tax returns and other federal monies can be garnished.

In Iowa can student financial aid be garnished?

If the loans are federally guaranteed then yes they can be garnished. If you need help with the consolidation of your defaulted loans, click on the default link below.

How can you discharge student loans?

Slave wages at best.

Can Social Security benefits be garnished for a defaulted car loan?

bs i had student loans being garnished from my disabilty ss

Can child support owed to the custodial parent be garnished if they owe for student loans?


Can wages be garnished in Illinois?

Yes, wages can be garnished in Illinois.

What happens to a person who does not repay student loans?

Federal student loans have no statute of limitation, meaning they can collect forever. The can garnish your wages without taking you to court, take your tax refund, and sue you in court for property and bank accounts. Student loans are also almost impossible to discharge in bankruptcy. There are people now who did not repay their student loans from the 1970s who are having their social security garnished. Not paying is a very bad idea.

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