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If creditors believe the person is trying to remove funds from accounts to keep them from bankruptcy proceedings; creditors can petition the court to freeze all accounts/assets. A bank cannot arbitraily seize account funds unless the depositer has a loan with the bank which includes a set off provision. Even then the bankruptcy trustee can request the funds be returned and included as assets in the bankruptcy.

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What is it called when creditor can take your money out of your bank?

Generally:Attachment for bank accounts and intangible assets.Seize property and tangible assets.Garnishment applies to wages. Judgment levy of a bank account.

What does it mean when SBA or the bank wins judgment against your assets?

The plaintiff may now demand that a bank or broker freeze your accounts, and that a sheriff of marshal seize accounts or other property. The plaintiff may also file a lien against any recorded property, such as real estate. If the assets are hard to find, the plaintiff may require a deposition called a debtor's examination to require you to disclose your assets. Certain assets may be protected from seizure by federal or state bankruptcy laws.

How does a bankruptcy trustee investigate a debtor?

It is rare that a bankruptcy trustee really investigates a debtor. There have to be a large amount of questionable assets or, like in a Chapter 11, types of assets that would send a trustee to your house. When they do, they look into bank accounts and physical assets such as furniture, houses, cars and even clothes.

During a foreclosure can the mortgage company go into your bank account or asssets?

AnswerChange banks if the lending institution and bank are the same place. By federal law, banks can seize assets from accounts held at their own institution to pay a debt owed to them without notice.

Can a creditor garnish wages and seize money from a bank account in Michigan?

A creditor can garnish wages or attach assets if they have obtained a judgment against the debtor.

What do you keep in a bankruptcy?

It is a myth that you will lose everything if you file for bankruptcy. While the bank is allowed-under Chapter 7-to liquidate assets, there are number of exemptions including tools of the trad exemptions, primary vehicle, and others.

What are the primary assets and liabilities of a commercial bank?

Loan assets and investment assets are the primary assets of a commercial bank. Deposits and borrowing are liabilities also known as claims to a commercial bank.

How long until a bank seizes your house after you file for bankruptcy?

Most banks won't seize your home after bankruptcy. One of the key purposes of bankruptcy is to preserve the living assets and provide the individual with another chance (albeit with a lot less credit flexibility). Note: I am NOT a certified financial planner (CFP) and am NOT licensed to provide financial advice. [opinion] If you are in a situation where foreclosure is on the horizon and you have tried to negotiate with creditors to no avail, you will want to consider bankruptcy in order to hold onto your home. While the debt associated with your mortgage may not be forgiven as a result of the bankruptcy, you WILL force a renegotiation and you WILL keep your home.

What are rate sensitive assets?

Bank assets are called rate sensitive assets. These bank assets are always subject to changes because of the interest rates.

What assets did Bank of America have in 2002?

Bank of America had total assets of $619.9 trillion in 2002

Why would a bank file a motion for relief of stay for post-bankruptcy payments when the entire amount owed is in the bankruptcy?

You need to contact the attorney who handled your bankruptcy and let them act on your behalf. The only thing I can think of, is the bank might feel a fradulent transfer of assets has occurred. Or they believe they are able to use an offset action. Something strange here, get legal counsel asap.

When filing for bankruptcy and owing to a line of credit does the bank still keep the house even if this one is protected with a homestead insurance?

Generally speaking, when Chapter 7 bankruptcy is declared, it means a person's debt exceeds their assets. If the amount of debt owed to a mortgage bank for a home, the bank has no interest in taking a home which will not cover the mortgage debt. All debts are wiped away.

Will a bank hire you if you have a bankruptcy on your record?

no they will not Yes. Each bank has its own rules but most will, unless of course they were listed on the bankruptcy

If the father does not pay his child support does his new wife have to pay it?

No. However, the State may attempt to seize tax refunds, bank accounts and other assets in which the new wife may have an interest.

Are bank loans financial assets?

Bank loans are financial assets for the banks and financial liabilities for recipients of the loans.

Can a credit card company freeze your bank account?

A credit card company cannot freeze your bank account. However, it can sue you in court for any overdue balance. If the credit card company is successful, the court will issue a judgment lien that the creditor can use to freeze your bank account and seize any money you have on deposit. In fact, the judgment lien can be used to seize any assets you own to satisfy the lien.

Can you keep your home after file bankruptcy?

Depends on file bankruptcy for, and the bank and what they want to do.

If a bank files bankruptcy and issues credit cards does that person have to pay back what is owed on that card?

Of course. In fact, more than ever. The bank or company files bankruptcy, which effects it's debts...not YOURS. In fact, it's creditors, (people it owes), and the Court in charge, now take the assets of the Bankrupt to pay for the debts as best they can. Your debt to the bank is an asset they want to use.

Can us citizens have Candian bank funds seize by us creditors?

Yes- by cour order. A US judgment can be taken into a Canadian court and "domesticated" that is it would become legal under Canadian law- allowing creditors to seize Canadian assets. If you file BK, the BK court can force you to liquidate any Canadian assets by not allowing you a debt discharge if you refuse to do so- the BK would also probably dismiss youe BK petition if you do not co-operate in liquidating your assets.

Examples of current assets?

Examples of current assets are cash(in hand or at bank),

What assets did the Sumitomo Bank have in 1996?

In 1996 it had assets in excess of $500 billion

Which has more assets Bank of America or Bank of England?

Bank of America has nearly $3 trillion USD in total assets, compared to the Bank of England's £229 billion GBP (Pounds Sterling).

What assets can be seized in a judgment?

Anything found that you legally own. Bank accounts, cars, homes, stocks. bonds. they have to find it first, make sure it's legally owned by you, then do the paperwork to the Sheriff or other to seize it.

What is the largest commercial bank in the U.S.?

which U.S. bank has the most assets

Can a creditor levy a bank account during bankruptcy?

Not without court permission, unless for child support and maybe certain taxes.