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ABSOLUTLEY, they not only can hold the check, the bank can keep the money.

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Q: Can the bank that has a charge off on you hold a pay check you are trying to cash?
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Do you need a bank account to cash a check?

No. Take the check to the bank that it is written on. Some banks will charge you a fee for cashing the check if you don't have an account with the bank, but they will cash the check.

Why is it not good to go to a check cashing store instead of a bank?

At a check cashing store they charge you to cash your check. A bank does not.

Where can you cash a bank of new york mellon check?

A Bank of New York Mellon check can be cashed at any bank, as long as you have proper ID. Some banks may charge a fee to cash the check.

Is it legal that a bank can charge to cash a check?

Yes. It depends on the type of cheque. If the cheque is from an outstation location (i.e., not in the same city as the bank) then they can charge a fee to cash the cheque.

Where to cash a check from Deutsche Bank?

You can cash a check from Deutsche Bank at any bank. Typically you will need to cash it at the bank in which you do business and provide identification in order to cash a check.

Where to cash a postal money order?

You can cash them at any post office or your bank. Or you can take them to a check cashing place and they will cash it, but they will charge you 5% to do it.

Can you cash a check at a different bank?

You can cash a check at a different bank if the check was drawn on that bank. Some banks will cash a check drawn on a different bank but funds will not be available right away. They will wait for the check to clear.

What if you cash a canceled check?

A cancelled check cannot be cashed. No bank will pay for a cancelled checkThe bank can initiate legal proceedings against you for trying to do so and you can be jailed for trying the same

Do you have to cash your check from your job at the bank?

I guess Yes. Banks are the only place you can cash a check. Since it is your paycheck from the job, the check will be from a bank account of your employer. So to cash it you either need to visit a bank that you have an account or visit the bank that issued the check to get the cash from the check.

Will Bank of America cash a jpmorgan chase bank check?

Will bank of America cash a jpmorgan chase check

Where can i cash a check without a bank account in Everett WA?

Go to Walmart. They have a check cashing service, but will charge you a fee.

Can you cash a JPMorgan Chase check at a Regions bank?

NO Regions will not cash a check drawn on JPMorgan Chase Bank!

What do you do in order to cash a paycheck?

You take it to the bank that the check was written on. If there aren't any locally, then you have to start your own checking or savings account at a bank. Or, you can go to a check cashing place. Many grocery stores cash paychecks. They charge a small percentage of the check though.

Can i cash a personal check in nevada at a bank other than the bank which the check is from if i dont have an account in eithir bank?

It's possible that you may not even be able to cash a check at the bank of origin. The only sure way to cash it is to take to a bank that you already, yourself, have an account with.

Can you cash a personal check with no id?

No. The bank will require a valid identity proof if you want cash for the check. However, if you want to deposit it into your bank account, the bank wont as for any Id. They will accept the check and credit cash into your account as soon as your check gets paid by the issuing bank.

Can you cash an Arizona check in Texas?

Yes, but the bank in Texas may charge you collection charges because it is not a local cheque.

Where can you cash an official check?


Can I cash a cashier's check at the bank?

If you have an account at that bank, then yes.

WHich check cashing services in Memphis charge the lowest fees?

Let me suggest you cash your check at the bank the check is written on , or in your own banking account. Most check cashing fees at stores take 1- 4 % of your pay which no good. Cashing your check at your bank, or at the bank your check is written on, should cost you nothing.

Where can you cash a Bank of America check?

When cashing checks, you have two good options (and several bad options). If you take a check to the bank that issued it, and you have good ID, they will cash it for you. If you have a bank account of your own and you have an amount of money in your account that is equal to or greater than the amount of the check that you wish to cash, your own bank will cash it. (Failing that, you can still deposit it in your account and it will clear eventually, usually within days, but that depends upon the location of the banks involved.) There are also check cashing services, but they charge for that service, so I consider it a bad option.

Can you cash a check from the bank that the person who issued the check it to you without opening an account?

I am receiving a check from a lawyer and it has been in his account for ten days can I cash it at the bank he has the account at

Can you cash a personal check at any bank?

Some banks will only cash a check for you if you have an account there.

Can you cash a Bank of America check at any chase?

You can but they will chare a certain percentage on the value of the check if its 500$ check they may charge 8-15% whic is like 5-12$

Is a cashiers check cash?

No. Cash is actual bank notes/coins.

Can someone else cash your check for you?

No. A check can be cashed only by the person to whom the check is issued. Trying to do so will be termed as forgery and the person trying to do it can arrested. However, someone else can deposit that check into your bank account. That shouldn't be a problem.