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Yes. The petitioner can contact the bankruptcy trustee that is in charge of his or her BK for the procedure necessary. It is understandable that persons in legal situations would like to avoid attorney fees. It is usually not a good idea, as the end results are often more expensive than if one had obtained legal representation beforehand. (Not looking for business, just stating facts.)

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Q: Can the bankruptcy petitioner personally request approval from the court to apply for a mortgage loan while in a chapter 13 to avoid attorney fees?
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Can you apply to become an attorney if you have personally filed for bankruptcy in the past?

Yes, but you have to provide a copy of your bankruptcy file.

What should you do if your attorney advises you to amend your bankruptcy schedule before the Motion to Dismiss hearing?

The bankruptcy petitioner retained an attorney as legal counsel and representation, therefore it would be in his or her best interest to follow the advice given. It is possible for a MTD to be dropped if the petitioner can present the court trustee with a filing schedule that qualifies for the type of BK that is in question.

Do you need an attorney to file for bankruptcy in Texas?

No, an attorney is not needed to file bankruptcy in any state or federal court. However, the petitioner should be completely educated on the state or federal procedures as even what appears to be a "simple" BK can become complexed and costly.

Is bankruptcy attorney capitalized?

Do you mean like "Bankruptcy Attorney"? Well it is a title of sorts. So yes. I am Max Rosenberg, the Bankruptcy Attorney.

Who can advise on bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy attorney.

How do I file for bankruptcy?

• Connect With a Bankruptcy Attorney Today • Connect With a Financial Attorney Today

Can Attorney bills be included in Bankruptcy?

If you're using an attorney for the bankruptcy you have to pay him. Any other attorney bills can be claimed.

Where can one find a bankruptcy attorney?

One can find a bankruptcy attorney by contacting one's state bar association, or online on the bankruptcy attorney directory available on FindLaw, for example.

Who was attorney for the petitioner in Brown v Board of education?

Thurgood Marshall

How much are the payments on a chapter 13?

The petitioner submits the repayment schedule/plan to the court and the court decides whether or not it is acceptable. The best option for the petitioner is to retain a qualified bankruptcy attorney rather than self-filing, as the forms, required documentation and so forth can be complicated to say the least. If the petitioner qualifies for the bankruptcy he or she should be aware that they will be placed on a very strict budget, which is one reason so many people fail to complete a chapter 13 BK ("Adjustments of Debts of an Individual With Regular Income").

What type of attorney protects creditors when there is a bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy trustee.

Am I required to retain a bankruptcy attorney if I want to file for bankruptcy?

Yes you will need an attorney to file for bankruptcy and deal with the court. As an individual you will not be able to schedule hearings, etc as necessary to do the bankruptcy.

Who is the best Bankruptcy attorney in Kalamazoo MI?

Imants M. Minka is the best Bankruptcy Attorney in Kalamazoo, MI.

What is the use of a corporate bankruptcy attorney?

The use of a corporate bankruptcy attorney is to assist in the legal proceeding of filing for bankruptcy for a corporation. An attorney is necessary to make sure the process goes smoothly and everything is taken care of.

Who can I call if you want to declare bankruptcy for a free consultation?

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Can you help me find an bankruptcy attorney in south Dallas?

Weaver & Associates Attorneys at Law is an bankruptcy attorney in south Dallas

What is a BK attorney?

BK attorney is short for bankruptcy attorney some guys specialize in it.

Where can one find a bankruptcy attorney in California?

One can find a bankruptcy attorney in California from the following sources: California Bankruptcy, NOLO, Lawyers, Find Law, Long Beach Bankruptcy Lawyer, Fox Business.

How do you find out if your bankruptcy has been discharged?

Call the attorney or company that handled your bankruptcy.

How do you check your bankruptcy date?

You can contact the office of the bankruptcy attorney who is responsible for filing and managing the bankruptcy case. The bankruptcy court will automatically send the bankruptcy attorney copies of the bankruptcy paperwork. In most situations the bankruptcy attorney or the office paralegals will be able to tell you the date of bankruptcy in person or via telephone. Visit the United States Bankruptcy Court Federal Record Retrieval website. Once at the website, enter your name at the time of filing for bankruptcy, the state where the bankruptcy was filed, and the year you believe the case was filed. Then you will get the full details of your date of the bankruptcy.

How does a person declare bankruptcy?

A person will have to hire an attorney if they want to declare bankruptcy. An attorney will be able to guide each person through the process

If you buy a car through the company you own and you personally are the co-signer what happens if the you file bankruptcy?

That depemds on how your "company" was setup. ASK your B/K attorney.

How do you file for personal bankruptcy?

Seek advice from a professional. Your local bankruptcy attorney is there to help you.

How can you end your bankruptcy?

Ask your attorney or his paralegal.

Can any attorney at law do bankruptcy?