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yes because you have rights to the car also

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Q: Can the co buyer take over the car if the buyer hasent made any payments?
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If the buyer hasent made any payments over a car and the co buyer has. What are the co buyers rights?

The co-buyer can sue the buyer in court and provide proof of payments and be repaid the amount put in.

If you are facing repossession and have a buyer that will take over payments will the finance company refinance the car for the buyer?

not normally the contract is with yourself, not them

Can an owner let a buyer take over payments on a house if it is still in the banks hands?

It is possible. Some banks and lenders will allow a buyer to assume payments on an outstanding mortgage. You will need to contact the lender who currently holds the paper on the property.

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Can a private party sell a used car to someone who promises to make payments over time and keep the title until those payments are made?

That would be an agreement between buyer and seller. I cannot advise you against this enough.Buyers may be hard to come by, but wait around until you get a cash buyer who'll come and buy it outright.

Can you sell a car that you still owe money on if the buyer takes over payments?

Yes, if the lender approves of the transfer of the loan.

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What does owner will carry mean when buying a car?

I think it may mean that the seller of the vehicle will "hold the loan" or will let the buyer make payments to them and once paid in full, seller will then sign title over to buyer.

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