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An order of replevin will force you to turn over the vehicle or face charges of contempt of court.

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Q: Can the court order you to surrender your vehicle?
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Will you be notified if the lienholder is obtaining a court order to repossess your vehicle?

Yes. You will be served with an order to appear. On your court date, you will be ordered to surrender the vehicle and the lender will be given a replevin by the court. This is in essenece an order by the court for you to return the vehicle to the lender. When the replevin is served, you will surrender the vehicle or you will be taken to jail and remain there at least until the vehicle is surrendered, perhaps longer on felony charges.

Can you surrender your vehicle after filing chapter 13?

Can you surrender your vehicle after filing chapter 13?

What are your rights if a order to surrender property happen to you?

The order must have been issued by a court and you had the opportunity to defend yourself. You must now obey the court order or you will find yourself in more trouble: contempt of a court order.

Can a bank report the car stolen if you dont give the car back?

Sort of. In many states hindering repossession is a crime. It is not exactly grand theft auto, but it is comparible. More often than not, the lender would obtain an order of replevin, a court order for you to surrender the vehicle. When the repossession agent returns with this order, if you still refuse to turn over the vehicle, the law enforcement officer accompanying the agent will arrest you and take you into custody, and then you will surrender the vehicle or remain in jail.

What is the difference between a repossession and a writ of replevin?

Repossession is what is commonly thought of as a "REPO". A self-help repo is permitted by most states. "Writ of Replevin" is the other legal option that a few states require to do the same thing. The state makes money by requiring the Replevin. BOTH have the same effect on your credit. A repo is where a lender contacts someone to pick up the vehicle. You, at that time, do NOT have to surrender the vehicle. A "Writ of Replevin" is where the lender gets a court order signed by a judge for you to surrender the vehicle. It will be served by a Sheriff's officer, with the repo man in tow, and you will then have to let them take the car. Otherwise, you are in contempt and it is not worth it to defy a court order. That is the only time you have to surrender the vehicle.

Can you go to jail for hiding your finaced vehicle?

No, not unless there is a court order for you to release the vehicle.

Repo man if the vehicle is chained to another object or vehicle what do you do?

Get a court order to cut the chain and sieze the vehicle.

How do you force a brother-in-law who is on the certificate of title to turn over his car for not repaying a personal auto loan from you?

You petition the court for relief under a replevin. By doing this the court will order him to surrender the vehicle to you. You should be prepared to be able to produce evidence of your attempts to secure the unit on your own, or your court fees will be wasted.

How do I surrender a vehicle to the bank?

obama did it!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you repossess a vehicle for nonpayment if it has a lien?

Only if you are the holder of the loan, or a court has ordered the surrender of the vehilce to you. As a simple lien holder, you can only block the transfer of the title and possibly recover from the sale of the vehicle.

What year was the surrender at appomattox court house?

The Confederate surrender at Appomattox Court House was in the year 1865, on April 9th.

What is a writ of repossession?

You are likely thinking of a writ of REPLEVIN. It's a Court Order for the vehicle to be served on the customer for the vehicle.

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