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Q: Can the immigrants parents back in their country financially support her after you got married if you was no able to meet the poverty level to qualify for sponsorship and have that count for sponsorsh?
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I live in apoor country , how i get asponsor to learn

What is Ferdinand Magellan's country of sponsorship?

It is his helping others

Pros of immigration?

There are many pros to immigration but i will list some only. Immigration brings cultural diversity in to the country, many immigrants come to open small businesses and contribute financially, and they also increase the population of the country

What is the country of sponsorship for Captain James cook?

Great Britain

What country has the largest population of immigrants?

The country with the largest population of immigrants is the United States, with 45.8 million immigrants. The country with the second largest number of immigrants is Russia, with 11.0 million.

What country has the most immigrants in Australia?

Australia has the most immigrants ion the country of Australia.

Does your country still allow immigrants?

This country only allows immigrants with the green card or a visa

Is it good by keeping immigrants out of a country?

No because immigrants can bring many different beliefs and knowledge that you might not know and these immigrants can teach. Therefore, it is a good thing to allow immigrants into a country.

How many immigrants are allowed into Australia each year?

Australia allows the most immigrants into the country than any other country. In 2011, Australia allowed 70,000 new immigrants into the country.

Which country supports Hezbollah financially?

Iran and Syria.

What generalization is true for all immigrants?

All immigrants are from a different country.

What do immigrants do for your country?


What does 'immigrants' mean?

People who have left their native country with the intention of establishing permanent residence in another country.

Are immigrants good for this country?

YES!!! Immigrants are creating jobs for this country!! This job growth is growing due to them! And they deserve RESPECT!!!

Which country benefited the most financially and economically from ww1?


What rights to illegal immigrants have?

In which country?

Why did Russian immigrants leave their home country?

They leaved their Country by the same reasons as immigrants of other nations leaved their own ones.

Where did early immigrants come from?

Prior to the United States becoming a formal country immigrants were arriving in the form of colonists from Europe. After the country was formally recognized as an independent country immigrants arrived from all over Western Europe primarily for the work that was available in the young country.

What language do most immigrants speak?

Most immigrants speak the language of the country from which they came.

What countries do not welcome immigrants?

Most countries will welcome immigrants who bring skills that are in demand and in short supply in those countries and who are well-educated and can fend for themselves financially. Most anti-immigration laws in practically every Western country concern illegal immigrants and political (but in reality more often economic) refugees from Third World-countries, people with often little or no skills that are of any use in the country of arrival and who in consequence will be mostly a drain on its social security systems.

When is a country in the red financially?

When operating on a deficit and the future looks unpromising.

Who are immigrants?

People born in a country who moved to live in another country.

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What are the people called who move from one country to other country?