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Yes. She should visit the court and ask to speak with an advocate. She should have evidence to submit to the court.

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Q: Can the mother of a 7-year-old request supervised visitation if the father consistently leaves the child in potentially dangerous situations?
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If an infants' father is on drugs how can you get him supervised visitation?

I think you have to process a case through the courts to issue supervised visitation.

Can an abusive father get custody or visitation of the child?

He will not get custody, but he can get supervised visitation.

Is there supervised visitation for children in texas?

Supervised visitation is utilized in every state and usually done when either ordered by the court with CPS involvement or ordered by divorce court due to actions deemed potentially dangerous to the childs mental/physical health, or ordered by the court in a case where two parents were never married.

What if your husband is always drunk regarding visitation?

You file a motion to modify visitation to supervised.

What happens when the non custodial parent who shares joint custody gets awarded temporary custody with supervised visitation Supervised visitation is not being allowed?

by whom?

If the noncustodial parent has supervised visitation can they visit anytime they want to?

They must follow the visitation schedule.

How to ensure your baby's daddy only has supervised visitation?

In the US... The court will only order supervised visitation if there is legitimate reason for it, such as a history of violence, drug addiction, mental illness, etc.

What is a sentence for the word supervised?

The Judge ordered supervised visitation. On my job, I was supervised by a long time employee.

How do you get supervised visitation when the father has been out of the picture for six months?

You have to go to court. if he never have had visitation before he has to apply for it in court.

Can a parent with joint custody force supervised visitation?

only a judge can do that

What is supervised visitation in Louisiana and how does it work?

In the state of Louisiana supervised visitation is when the parent does not have custody of a child can visit them with court supervision. It works with the parent having the opportunity to visit but having someone from the Department of Child Services with them.

Can you move out of state if you have custody with supervised visitation in Tennessee?

You will need court permission to move the child or to exercise your visitation in an alternate location.

Can a non-custotial parent bring people to a supervised visitation?

Ask your supervisor.

States that allow teenagers to chose not to have visitation in a divorce?

In the US, visitation is not optional. The only way a court would deny a parent visitation is if there is a very valid reason for it (ie alcohol, drugs, abuse, etc), and even then they would likely get supervised visitation.

Can a father get visitation or custody if he has committed a lewd and lascivious act in Polk county Florida?


How hard would it be for a fathers visitation rights to be taken away if he smokes marijuana while the child is in his custody?

Why take it away? That is just as damaging. Request supervised visitation.

How do you stop visitation of divorced parent?

You probably don't - in general, the law supports the idea that both parents should be in the child's life. If you feel that visitation might harm the child in some way, you can ask the courts to require supervised visitation, or visitation limited to public places.

Can supervised visitation in va be lifted if the mother is fit now and has custody of 2 siblings?

that's up to a judge

Can you stop your child from seeing the other parent if you cant get and address from them?

Go to the court of jurisdiction and file an emergency injunction temporarily stopping visitation rights based on the same. It is your right to know exactly where your child will be staying during visitation and if the location is unsuitable, it is also your right to request visitation modification based on the same including termination of visitation or supervised visitation.

Do you have to vist your dad if hes verbally abusive?

I would let someone know that you are being abused when you visit your father. Perhaps his visitation with you can be supervised so you will not be hurt from him. Let your mother know this is occurring and she can have it supervised.

Is it violating visitation orders to visit a child at daycare everyday?

Unless there is some sort of concern regarding visitation, such as it needs to be supervised, and the visitation is specific to the location, times, dates etc, then no, this is not a violation of a court order. Since the visitation is happening at daycare, and the child is not being removed from the daycare centre during non-court ordered visitation, there is no legal issue.

If a father in Florida is denied the visitation rights can he petition for sole custody?

Being denied visitation or not, a father can petition for sole custody. The two situations are not related.

Can a mother of the father be a supervisor for visitation If the father is granted supervised visitation can the mother of the father be the supervisor?

If there is a relative or someone close to the family supervising it has to be someone both parents agree on. Otherwise the court will choose one.

Can a 15year old choose not to go to a paren'ts if there are no visitation orders in place?

They still have a right to visitation even if no order is in place, it can only be regulated down or supervised-not eliminated unless they volunteer to waive all rights.

Does the custodial parent need to schedule supervised court ordered visitation for the noncustodial parent?

If there is a court order yes. Then you have to work on this the both of you.

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