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Can the mother of a pregnant 16-year-old have the 19-year-old father of the baby prosecuted in Georgia?

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The age of consent is 16, that being the case statutory rape or sexual misconduct with a minor charges would not apply unless there are mitigating circumstances. Some examples are; if the adult male was in a position of authority over the minor female or lived in the same household as the minor female, if there is proof of intimidation or coercion rather than the relationship being consensual, and so forth. There are other laws that might apply, but the parents of the minor would need to discuss the specific circumstances with the prosecutor's office not the local law enforcement agency. There is also civil actions available to the pregnant minor and her parents those of which would need to be discussed with a private attorney or legal aid counsel.

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If you become pregnant at sixteen in Georgia can you move out?

if you get pregnant in Georgia at 16 you can move out and get married it was on george Lopez

Teen pregnancy in Georgia?

If you are pregnant the law in Georgia says you are allowed to be married no matter what age. If you are pregnant the law in Georgia says you are allowed to be married no matter what age.

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In Georgia if you are seventeen and pregnant are you automatically emancipated?

no you are not just because you are pregnant does not mean that you are emancipated

Is running away from home a crime in Georgia?

It is until the age of 17. After 17, you are not required to return home or will be prosecuted by the state if arrested.

In Georgia can you be 17 and pregnant and your boyfriend 23?

Yes, the legal age of consent in Georgia is 16.

Can the mother of a 15 year old have the 18 year old father prosecuted in Georgia?

{| |- | There are probably criminal charges that could be filed. The age of Consent in Georgia is 16. The level of the charges will depend upon the exact laws, consult an attorney in Georgia. |}

Can you get prosecuted for keeping a baby eastern box turtle in Georgia?

It is illegal to keep any reptile native to GA except poisons snakes

Is sexting a felony or misdemeanor in Georgia?

Sexting is not a crime if all parties are over the age of majority. If minors are involved, it can be prosecuted as a Federal felony.

Can you legally move out at 17 if you are pregnant in the state of Georgia?

In Georgia, you can leave home at age 17 and cannot be forced to return, whether you are pregnant or not (but you can't be kicked out until age 18).

Does Georgia drug test all newborns?

Most hospitals in general test their newborns blood. These tests can detect drug use. You will be prosecuted for child neglect.

Is Georgia moffett pregnant?

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In state of Georgia should pregnant girl goes to school?


What age can you get married in Georgia?

at 16 but tha girl gotta be pregnant

You are 19 and your boyfriend is 17 and you are pregnant can he get emancipated and have rights in the state of Georgia?

Getting your girlfriend pregnant is not a valid reason for emancipation.

Can you get married in Georgia if you're 16 and pregnant?

Georgia: If you are 16 or 17 years old, you may apply if accompanied by both parents who have given written consent. If the bride is pregnant, no parental consent is required if you submit a statement from a licensed physician certifying that the bride is pregnant.

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If a girl's pregnant and her and her boyfriend runaway to Georgia can they get married?

Assuming they're minors, no.

Can a 17 pregnant girl get married in the state Georgia without parental consent?


Is a pregnant minor emancipated if she is 16 in Georgia?

Pregnancy does not emancipate you in any state.

Your son is 20 and his gf is 17 and pregnant here in Georgia she will be 18 one week before he turns 21 is this ok in Georgia?

It's not

Is it illegal for a 19 year old to get a 17 year old pregnant in the state of Georgia?

No. The legal age of consent in Georgia is 16 however you might want to check out Georgia statute 16.3.6

Can a 17 year old move out without being pregnant legally in Georgia?

no idia

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