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You can insure any way you want, but the proper way to insure a vehicle is in the same name as on the car registration. Otherwise, if a claim is made, the insurer could deny the claim, and cancel the policy for incorrect insuring. Insurance maybe, but any state I've lived in would definitely require the car to be registered by the owner. I'm not sure about leased vehicles.

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Q: Can the name on the insurance and registration be different than the name on the title and still be insurable?
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Can a married couple be dependents on parents auto insurance plan?

If they live in the home with the parents and the parents have an insurable interest in the cars (ie they are still on title) then generally yes. It is not a case of dependent but of insurable interest.

Can you get life insurance at age 81?

Yes, many life insurance companies offer life insurance to applicants who are 81 and still insurable. Expect a lot of questions about your need for life insurance, your finances and your health.

Can you take out life insurance on someone you don't know without their consent?

No, YOu must have an insurable interest and they must sign for it. There is an exception to that rule when a reletive buys coverage for a minor. They still must have an insurable interest. 4lifeguild

In NC do you have to have an insurable interest in the beneficiary?

You've got it backwards. A beneficiary is the person who has to have an insurable interest in the insured, and that is standard insurance law, in North Carolina or anywhere else. In order to take out insurance on anyone you must have an insurable interest in that person. That does not mean you must have an insurable interest in the beneficiary. Some states do and some states do not. My question is does NC require an insurable interest in the beneficiary? OK, since you are still questioning this, here is the more detailed answer. A beneficiary, by definition, is not being insured; instead, he or she is the person who will receive the insurance payment (in the case of life insurance) when the insured person dies. Since the beneficiary is not being insured, there is no reason why anyone would be required to have an insurable interest in the beneficiary. The reason why insurable interest is required, is that life insurance is not intended to be a form of gambling, otherwise anybody could take out an insurance policy on anybody else. Insurable intersest means that you personally would be financially harmed by the death of a particular person. Children depend upon their parents and therefore have an obvious insurable interest in their parents. Even if the child has grown up and no longer depends upon the parent, that child still has an insurable interest in the parent, because when the parent dies, the child will probably have to pay for the funeral, and will have other expenses relating to that death. Whereas, if you wanted to take out a life insurance policy on a complete stranger, you have no insurable interest. An employer can take out life insurance on an employee, called "key person insurance" if it is thought that the death of that employee would cause financial problems to the company that employs him or her. The star of a motion picture would normally be insured by the movie company, since the death of that person could make it impossible to finish filming, and the money invested up to that point could be lost. That's how insurable interest works. The beneficiary HAS insurable interest in the insured, the insured does NOT have an insurable interest in the beneficiary.

What to do if your car's registration and insurance papers are stolen but you still have the car?

You should still have the title to the car. If you take the title to the Dept of Motor Vehicles they will have record of your car's registration and will issue you new papers. The insurance company will also have record of your policy and can issue you a new insurance card.

What happens if you have a wreck without auto insurance and still money to the bank?

You'll be ticketed for driving with an invalid registration and driving without insurance, and you still owe that money to the bank.

If you are selling someone your car and thay wreck it who's liable for it?

If the title, registration, and insurance are still all in your name, you (or your insurance company) would be responsible.

Do I need insurance for an antique car?

Yes you still need insurance as that is required by the state in order to get a registration. In case of loss or damage you will have to file a claim.

Does switching a car title do anything to car insurance?

Only to the extent that the person must have an insurable interest in the car. If I transferred title to you on my car I can no longer insure it since I have no insurable interest in the car. If you transferred title to your child who still lives at home you could continue to insure it.

Does insurance still cover a claim for damages when not at fault and hit by an uninsured motorist if the vehicle's registration is expired at the time of the accident?

yes the coverage is effective even though the registration is expired.

Can you still get insurance and registration if your hiding from a loan company on a vehicle?

If you have defaulted on your loan and not returned the vehicle, then you have basically committed a theft.

You received a ticket for no proof of insurance and expired tags However the car was then repossessed by the bank So you cant obtain insurance on the vehicle to show the court How do you clear this?

Actually, if you move quickly, you can still secure insurance on the vehicle. Here's what you do:You will need the vehicle registration, so if you are like the 99% of us out here who leave it in the glove box, go claim your property and get the registration.With the registration, get your insurance.renew your tagsClear it with the court.If after a couple days you do not intend to redeem the vehicle, cancel the insurance.

If a wheelchair van owner has no insurance on their vehicle what insurance coverages are covered by the fully insured drivers own insurance if they are a caregiver of the owner?

Insurance follows the vehicle. If the owner of the wheelchair van has no insurance on it, and the person who drives it, has insurance on their own vehicle.... then the wheelchair van would still be considered an uninsured vehicle. Again, insurance always follows the vehicle. The driver who is not the owner cannot use his/her insurance to cover the wheelchair van because they have no 'ownership' or 'insurable interest' in the van.

Should your car insurance coverage lapse while your registration is still current the DMV may suspend the vehicle registration and charge a reinstatement fee?

two lack seventy three thousand two hundred eighty.

What must you know when replacing life insurance?

First and foremost, is replacing the life insurance in the customers best interest? You need to ask why is the insurance being replaced. Generally if it is a term policy replacing a cash value plan it usually is not a good idea. The most important factor is whether or not the insured is still insurable or as insurable as he was upon the 1st life insurance purchase. If it is a term policy replacing another term and there is a cast savings then it may be a good move as long as the insureds insurability has not changed. In any event, never cancel the original policy until the replacement is issued.

Can one have an insurable interest and still not own the property?

Yes, for example a lender that has a lien on the property.

Is car insurance valid in MO without current tags?

The insurance is still valid. However, if you go and drive it without it having current tags and registration and get into an accident, you'd be violating the terms of your insurance, and any claim you file as a result of such is likely to be denied.

I have a life insurance policy on my ex husband and he on me for our daughters future. Can i still have another life insurance policy on my currant partner?

yes. to have insurance on someone you have to have an insurable interest in them. basically you would have to be at a loss in some shape or fashion if they where to die. this is a very loose and subjective concept that companies very rarely challenge unless its a multi million dollar policy.

Can you make a claim on a insurance binder?

If you have applied for insurance and paid a premium, you are essentially insured if you have been given a binder. In life insurance if the applicant dies before the policy can be issued, you would file a claim as if it had. The claim would be processed and if the applicant is found to be insurable had he still been alive, the claim would proceed as if he already had a policy in force before he died.

Is it possible for someone whose license has been permanently suspended to still keep car insurance and registration so others may drive the car?


Can you put insurance on a motorcycle and drive it if it's not in your name yet?

No. It's the same as with an automobile. You cannot insure a vehicle that you do not have an insurable interest in which generally means that you own the vehicle. If you own the vehicle or motorcycle but are still making payments you are considered the owner.

I have a truck that is used only on our farm and nowhere else. Do I still have to have insurance on it?

Although different states have slightly different laws regarding farm use only vehicle registration most include one common attribute.If you are outside your farm you must show you are using vehicle for official farm use.

Car is in your fiances name but is in jail can you still get insurance in it so you can drive it?

No, only those will who have an insurable interest may insure it. You have two options. One is to be added to the title of the vehicle or you purchase it from them and you can purchase insurance on it. Be sure to add your incarcerated fiance as an additional insured. Two, you can be added to the existing policy of your finance...if they have maintained it.

Do you have to have insurance on a car before you can change owners?

A vehicle can be titled without insurance, but must be insured before getting a tag or registration. Exception: If a car still has a lien from a financing company, the car may have to be insured to change owners.

If YOU live in a different state can you still be on my parents insurance?

my son is on my auto insurance policy but he has moved to florida and I live in Michigan. Can he still be covered on my auto policy if he now lives in florida?