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Can the owner keep a car that is totaled but is still operational?

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Usually you can, you can buy it back from the insurance company for a "salvage" price, you will then have a salvaged title and wont beable to insure the vehicle with full coverage any longer only liability. Talk to the adjuster about it.

2010-03-02 01:14:04
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Do you get to keep the car after its been totaled?

Only if you buy it.

What do you do with a totaled car?

If you actually, "own the car still" and the insurance didn't keep it, sell it for parts in your local trading post, sell it to a junkyard or buy another one and keep it for parts.

If a car is totaled only because repair and parts exceeds fifty percent of Blue Book value but car is still structurally sound could the owner negotiate to keep the vehicle as part of the settlement?

I've done this twice in my life with cars that were still roadable after an accident. I offered $100 on one and $300 on another and both were accepted.

What happens to a car that's declared totaled by the insurance company?

If you want to keep a totaled car, the insurance company will determine the salvage value and deduct that from your settlement check. You can still get liability insurance (if there are no safety issues related to the damage), but not collision or comprehensive unless you have the repairs made.

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If insurance declares a car totaled can you cancel the claim and keep the car?

You can accept the claim and then buy back the car. This way you get money for the claim and you get to keep your car. The price for the car will be way lower at the totaled price than what you will receive in the claim.

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Am I allowed to keep money from insurance company

After settling with the insurance company for a totaled car do you keep the car or does the insurance compnay?

Legally, if the company pays you for the totaled vehicle, it belongs to them. You can offer (if they don't) to by the scraps back. This would be deducted from your settlement and you would be paid the difference.

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Can a lienholder put a repo on your credit if the car has been totaled and instead of filing a claim you wish to keep the car and keep paying on it?

YES, IF you were in default and they repoed it. NO ins. coverage IS default. Do you HAVE the car NOW?

Who keeps the car if it is totaled you or the insurance company?

You can keep the car if you like, although I'm not sure why you'd want to keep a wrecked car. If you decide to release it to the company, they'll eventually send it to the junkyard.

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