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Edward, this could get sticky. It depends on a lot of factors; what state you are in,did you sign a contract,are/were you in default of any contract, ect. Most states have a period for reinstatement of a contract(5-20 days) b4 the collateral can be resold. BUT, you have to pay the account current to get the car back. If you cant work this out with the owner, call a local attorney ASAP. Good Luck
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2015-07-15 18:32:20
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Q: Can the owner take the car and resell it if you have the pink slip or can you get the car back?
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What if you get a car from a second owner and they have not put the title in there name?

You need to go back to the owner whose name is listed as owner on the pink slip. The car registration is still in that person's name.

If ou have lost the pink slip to your car can you get a temp pink slip the same day?

This depends on what state that you are in. Most states allow you to get a temporary pink slip that same day. If you are doing this to sell the vehicle they have forms where you do not need the pink slip and can still sell it legally and the new owner will get the title.

What is a pink slip of a car?

a pink slip is also the cars registration

What does a pink slip mean at a job?

A pink slip is notice of termination. It used to be a pink slip of paper in your pay packet that basically don't bother to come back to work the next week. Now it is used to refer to being fired or laid off.

What does it mean to have a pink slip?

to get fired from your job Regarding vehicles, a pink slip is the title to you vehicle.

When was Chuck Versus the Pink Slip created?

Chuck Versus the Pink Slip was created on 2010-01-10.

What does a pink title mean for a car?

A pink slip for a car is the title. This shows who owns a vehicle. Without a pink slip, you will be unable to register a vehicle.

Can you photocopy your pink slip for your car?

The registration also known as owner of record can be copied and used in the operation of a motor vehicle. Title or owner paperwork cannot be copied or altered and still be valid

How do you fill out a pink slip?

When filling out a pink slip, you need to put down the employee's name, date the event happened and the offense. You also need to make sure the employee signs the pink slip.

Can you get a pink slip for a car that's not in your name?

The pink slip Also known as the title is just piece of paper. It should only be in possession of the owner or a person or company having a loan against the title. So if you have Lent money against the car you may have a title that is not yours.

How do you replace lost pink slip?

lost the pink slip to car and sold it can i sell it without it? Contact your local DMV.

What is a car pink slip?

your title

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