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No, the parent isn't liable for the accident insofar as they weren't behind the wheel. But the minor probably won't have a license for a good long time.

2006-08-11 15:32:04
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Do you need patient consent to download medication history?

Not if you are a licensed doctor.

What legal consequences could you face while attempting to obtain a paternity test without consent?

The question is not valid because the action cited would not be done by any licensed facililty or medical provider without the consent and particpation of the adults involved or a court order.

In a collision where there is severe injury or death can you refuse a sobriety test?

(in the US) If you licensed in an implied consent state, no, you may not. In the case of a severe or deadly accident resulting in death, you may even be compelled to give a blood sample

Your freindtook your car with out consent he no licenes had an accident are you responble?


What is the Implied constent law?

As a licensed driver you consent to take a breathalyzer test if and officer asks you to.

California implied consent law?

In California, according to the "Implied Consent Law", if one of the BAC tests are refused, a drivers license will be suspended for a period of:1 year

What form of consent is preferred from a subject involved in research?


What is the minimum age for tattoo in Texas?

18. No licensed artist will tattoo you if you aren't 18. Regardless of parental consent.

Where can a 16 year old get at tattoo with parental consent?

A 16 year old should be able to get a tattoo at any licensed tattoo shop if they have parental consent. The parent will have to show a photo ID.

Implied consent law?

Georgiaâ??s implied consent law says that if you are arrested for a DUI then you consent to taking a chemical test of your blood, breath, or urine for the purpose of determining your blood alcohol content. If you refuse then your license will be suspended for at least one year.

Can you give your Pug Lorazepam to help him sleep?

no you never ever give any animal human medicine with out a licensed vets consent

What is the implied consent law?

The implied consent law states that if a licensed individual is driving and a police officer stops him or her under the suspicion of being under the influence of a substance or drug, the driver has agreed (in advance) to be tested.

What is the legal age for having a tattoo without parental consent?

In most places you will have to be at least 18 to get a tattoo... All State Licensed Shops require you to be 18 to get a tattoo without parental consent.. However many Free-lance tattoo artists do not require parental consent..

How do you play the sex game?

playfully, as long as there is mutual consent, and the parties involved are of age.

What is involved in an Islamic marriage ceremony?

The bridegroom must consent. The bride must consent. (If she is a virgin, her silence is deemed consent.) The bride's guardian (usually her father) must consent. Two adult male Muslims must witness this consent. The bridegroom must pay, or pledge to pay, a dower to the bride.

Can you adopt a 16 year old stepchild in the state of Minnesota without the other parents consent?

Only if the court suspended the parental rights.

What must a nonresident applicants who want to be Real estate licensed in Florida do?

Sign the irrevocable consent to legal service action of the application form

Is it possible to get a divorce when your husband is deported from the USA to Mexico without waiting seven years even if children are involved?

In New York, for example, the law requires that your husband must either sign a consent to the divorce which must be notarized by a United States Consulate or Embassy or he must be personally served by a licensed process server licensed to serve a foreign court summons. Other states do vary in their requirements.

What is age of consent in KY?

define the type of activity involved eg marriage or sexual relations

Can your ex-wife just pack her stuff and move to Colorado without your consent?

yes, she can do what ever she wants, as long as there are no children involved, she is NOT your property, and does NOT need your consent for anything,, if there are children involved, you will need some sort of court agreement as to custody etc..

What is the age limit for a lip piercing in Iowa with parental consent?

Check with your local health unit, they will have the age requirements and a list of licensed facilities in your area.

Can you sue someone for making a movie about a domestic violence attack that you were involved in?

If they used you name without consent.

What are the factors of free consent?

Factors impacting free consent include legal age, communicating correct information between both parties involved and whether pressure tactics were used.

What is legal age of marriag ein Canada?

My understanding is this: Applicants for a marriage license under 18 years of age but over the age of 16 need to have parental or court consent. If an applicant is under 16, a marriage licensed will be issued only with the court's consent

In Illinois is it legal for a 20-year-old male to date a 16-year-old girl if no sex is involved and they have parental consent?

Yes, as long as there is parental consent.