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Q: Can the police come to your house and arrest you for shop lifting?
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Do police come to your house to arrest you if probation has been violated?


How do you know if your out of range on house arrest?

Your bracelet will warn you with lights!! You have a certain amount of seconds to get in range or the police will come!!! Lots of police!!!

Can police force you to come to the police station?

Only if you are under arrest.

If you are not the residence of a house and they police arrive to arrest someone at the home do you have to open the door to them?

If they are instructing you to open the door and do do not listen to there commands you can be arrest for obstruction. If you are obstructing or hindering a police investigation they can arrest you. Also in some cases if the police come with a warrant you might not have to open the door they just might do it for you.

Do you have to open the door if a police officer knocks and if you don't can they charge you with obstruction of justice?

they have to have a warrant to search your house and without it they cant come into your house but if you step out they can arrest you for whatever your charged with

How do you remover tracker from Chevy cobalt?

you wait for the police to come and arrest you

What do you do after you get passed the lasers in Couterfeit on Poptropica?

You have to click on the scream and your the police come and arrest you.

How do you know when an arrest warrant has been issued?

Such things are not usually in the public domain. However you will know when the police come to arrest you.

If there is a warrant out for you will the police come to your job and arrest you?

They might, they'll go wherever they think they can find you.

If you get a job out of the state that you have a warrant in can they arrest you?

if you have a warrant the police can arrest you regardless of where you are best bet is to call the department that has the warrant and try to come to a conclusion on how to solve the warrant before they do arrest you and it is on their terms

Can a police come into your house for a vehicle that needs to be repossed?


Do police come to your house when you have warrants in Utah?


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