Can the population of India be termed as OPTIMUM?

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What are the causes of optimum population?

causes of optimum population

What are the implications of optimum population?

Optimum population can lead to overcrowding of cities

Who has given optimum theory of population?

Dr.Cannan given optimum theory of population

Which country has optimum population?


What is optimum theory of population?

optimum population is the population which allows equal distribution of goods and services among the people of a region or country by considering environmental and social values.

What is the optimum theory of population?

There is no limitation for polulation Optimum population means the total population that a country should have considering its resources. Given the natural and capital resources and the state of technical knowledge, a country should have certain size of population to utilize the resources. Optimum population is that population which secures the maximum real income per head.

Is Nigeria overpopulated or of optimum?

nigeria is overpopulated and not of optimum population because of poor management of resources

What type of population is Ghana now?


Distinguish between optimum theory and malthusian theory?

malthusian theory-it is general theory of population.optimum theory- it is a scientific theory of population.malthusian theoryit is static in nature.optimum theoryit is dynamic in nature

Is Nigeria at optimum population or under population or over population?

Nigeria is at under population, because her available resources exceed the population of it poeple!

Each different type of individual in a population is termed as what?


What is the population of India in 2009?

The Population Of India Is 1,080,264,400

What is the Population of Punjab India?

How the population of Punjab india

What is the population of India in 1952?

what was the population of india in 1951

If it has similar characteristics as the population the sample is termed?

It is called a representative sample.

What is the total population in India?

the population in INDIA is around 1,150,000,000

Population characteristics and changes in India?

population is a verdict for India

Is population an asset or liability in India?

the the population of India is an asset

Eassy on over population in India?

over population in India

What is the total population of India in 2011?

India total population

What is the population of India Cements?

India Cements's population is 7,500.

What is the population of BASIX India?

The population of BASIX - India - is 2,006.

Why India called the mega diversity nation of the world?

India falls on tropical & subtropical zone where rainfall, sunlight & temperature is optimum.

What is the population of India between 2001 to 2010?

1,32,00,00,000The Population of India is growing at a alarming rate.Indian Population in 2010 - 1,150,000,000 (1.15 billion)More on Population of India -

Does India have the largest population in the world?

No, China currently does, although India will have the largest population by 2050.

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