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There can not be two towns with the same name in one state. The only exception is if the second town has two names or another name that distinguishes it from the first one.

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What state is Fresno located in?

The most popular Fresno would be in California, though there are towns of the same name in both Ohio and Texas

In what Mexican state is Guanajuato located?

The Central Mexican city called Guanajuato is located within the boundaries of the state with the same name, Guanajuato, and is the capital of said state.

Can a state have two cities with the same name?

Apparently, though its absolutely stupid. Only one of the towns come up when you do a google map search, but there are two towns named Wylie in TX. One by Dallas, one by Abilene.

What are the extradition laws within the state of Pennsylvania?

There are no "extradition" procedures within states.The term extradition only applies to removing a prisoner state-to-state or country-to-country.WITHIN the same state there is no necessity to prove the legality of a prisoner transfer because the laws are the same throughout the entire state.

Will Tennessee extradite on a DWI warrant within the state if you live in a different county?

The term "extradite" only applies to out-of-stateprisoner transactions. Within the same state you are subject to the same rules and laws in one county as you are in any other within the same state. Most counties WILL probably send a car and come and get you.

How far will Georgia extradite inside state lines?

Extradition laws do not apply WITHIN the same state. Extradition ONLY applies when moving a prisoner from one state to another state.Since every person within Georgia is subject to the same state laws, it is simply a matter of transferring the prisoner from one county to another within the same state. The law enforcement agencies themselves usually handle all such routine transfers within the state.

What river has the same name as the state as an national park?

None. There is no National Park with the same name as a state in the U.S.

Can a parent who shares joint custody move to a different city but is staying within the same state?

can a prent who shares joint custody move to a different city but is staying within the same state?

How do you spell intrastate?

That is the correct spelling of "intrastate" (within the same state).

Are there two towns with the name Jdeideh in Lebanon?

In fact there are, two towns with the same name "Jdeideh" in Lebanon.One in the south (south Lebanon).The other one is in Maten and currently belongs to Beirut it's official name is Jdeideh-al-Maten.

What state capital has nearly the same name as its state?


What state is Huckleberry Finn in?

Huckleberry Finn is in the same town and state as Tom Sawyer Hannibal, Missouri (and other towns around the Mississippi river area)

In which state is Louisiana in the US?

Louisiana is the state itself, with cities, towns, etc located therein. That is sort of like asking, "in which state is New Jersey in the US?" To which the answer would be the same as above.

What are some major industries in Guadeloupe?

Please specify country or one of the many towns with the same name.

What county is stornoway in?

There are two towns that have the same name but are located in different countries. The first is located at the Isle of Lewis, Western Isles, Scotland. The second one is located in a village within the Estrie region of the Canadian province of Quebec.

Where is the town called Holbrook located?

There are a number of towns called Holbrook. There is a Holbrook in New South Wales, Australia. There are also towns by the same name in both Arizona and Massachusetts.

What European strait has the same name as a US state capital?

There is no strait and capital with the same name.

What state capital has the same name as a famous explorer what is the name of the state?

Columbus is the capital city in the U.S. state of Ohio.

What state capitol city is the same name as the state?

kansas city

What lake has the same name as its state?


What has the same geneous name without being the same species?

Another animal within the same genus classification

Is is possible for you to wear awards presented to you from another state within National Guard not in the same state?

No. State awards are only valid for the forces of the state which awards them.

Is bryce canyon in arches national park?

Bryce Canyon is within the national park of the same name. It is in the same state as Arches NP -- Utah -- but the two are several hundred kilometers apart from each other.

What is the name of the state song of Oklahoma?

Oklahoma (from the musical of the same name)

What states have the same name as the capital?

Oklahoma has about the same capital as the state name. Its capital is Oklahoma City.