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YES. and Thanks for posting your state.

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Q: Can they garnish your pay for a car you have asked them to repossess because it has had many problems and now needs a transmission?
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Can Title Max garnish your wages if they choose to not repossess your car?

Yes they can.

Can your wages be garnish if your RV is repossess?

Only if you are sued for the debt. First the RV is repossessed. Then you will get collection notices in the mail. If you are going to be sued, you will get notice of that too. If you are sued, the judge can award the creditor a judgment that allows them to garnish your wages.

Can the IRS garnish 401k?

yes IRS will garnish 401k because they see it as a income.

Repossess for a defaulted student loan?

In the US, the Dept of Ed. does not reposes anything on the repayment of Federally Guaranteed Student Loans. They will only garnish wages, garnish social security, and keep tax returns. If you need help getting out of Default on your student loans, click on the link at the bottom of this text box.

Do Cubans eat garnish?

everyone uses garnish because garnishes are spices or added material/ flavors to make/improve meals for everyone

Can they garnish your pay check because your spouse is indebt?

Washington State, Can they garnish my pay check because my spouse wages are being garnished to pay off a credit card debt.

What is the garnish for portugaise?

Garnish of portugaise

Why are garnish important?

The garnish is a very important part of the dish because presentation is everything, the prettier the food looks the more people will want to try it.

What can you do if the lender repossess your car and they get half of the loan and you cant pay the balance?

The lender will come after you for the remaining balance after the car is auctioned.You can either declare banckruptcy or work out a payment plan...or thelender can seek a judgment to garnish your wages.

What is the plural for garnish?

the plural for garnish is........ Garnishes! :)

Can the IRS garnish wadges?

yes, they can garnish your wages

Can a hospital in Oregon garnish a personal bank account?

No because the law prohibits it to happen.

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