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Yes it can if you drink tons of it and or suffer from high blood pressure. The reason I say this is because it has a ton of sodium in it. However, I think they have come out with a new Gatorade that has less sodium.

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What is too much Gatorade to drink?

It is Gatorade. That was a weird trick question. I almost said how much was too much. You are very clever in your trickery.

Could too much Gatorade after having tonsils out cause headache and nausea?

I pretty sure that too much Gatorade period makes you sick. I love Gatorade and have been drinking three a day at soccer training. After four days I have bad headache and feel tired. I have read that Gatorade is good only when sick, in hot conditions, and after exercise.

How much salt is in Gatorade?

Enough that drinking it daily is bad.

What makes Gatorade low calorie?

They're so cheap, Gatorade doesn't want to put too much calorie in their drink.

Is Gatorade bad for your kidneys?


Is Too Much Protein Bad?

Too much of anything is bad. That's why it is called "TOO MUCH".

Is too much sushi bad?

Too much of anything can be bad.

Is too much fiber bad?

too much of anything is bad.

How Bad are Nos Energy Drinks?

Excellent in taste, but too much is too bad! Excellent in taste, but too much is too bad!

Is it bad to eat too much strawberries?

Too much of anything is bad.

Can too much Gatorade cause dehydration?

this is a simple one. NO. They design it so that the ratio to water and salt is so that you get a lot of water. And there really isn't that much salt in Gatorade, its just full of bad sugars that give it that taste that may have you thinking that it doesnt hydrate you. But ye they wldnt be in business if it didnt hydrate you.

Could too much Gatorade cause a heart flutter?

Probably not. Be sure to consume other foods in addition to Gatorade. Gatorade is somewhat high in sodium. 8 ounces contains 5% of your daily sodium requirements, about as much as is found in a glass of milk.

Why is too much ozone bad in the troposphere and too little in the stratosphere bad?

Too much ozone is bad at troposphere as it is a pollutant. Too less in stratosphere is bad as it acts as a blanket.

How much glucose in in Gatorade?

15% of Gatorade is glucose

How much sugar in Gatorade?

There is about 34 grams of sugar in Gatorade, depending on which gatorade you buy

Does Gatorade help plants grow?

Gatorade doesn'thelp because Gatorade has to much salt

Why are Gatorade and powerade bad during a pregnancy?

No. They are not bad during pregnancy.

Why is water better for you then Gatorade?

It is not, necessarily. If you are doing high intensity exercise then Gatorade is better for for you because it will give you carbs and electrolytes. If you drink it when you are not doing exercise, then it is bad for you because of its salt content. It will make you very unhealthy. The same goes for drinking too much ater after exercise because you could dilute your salt levels so much that you could die.

Is eating salt bad for you?

Too much or Too little of anything is bad for you.

Are too many oranges bad?

Too many or much of anything is bad for you.

Is it bad to eat too much shrimp?

It's bad to eat too much of anything. Still, too much shell fish can have negative effects.

Why is too much fertlizer bad?

Too much is bad because fertilizer contains phosphate which will burn the grass and cause it to die if too much is applied

Is eating to much protein a bad thing?

Eating too much of anything is a bad thing. That's why its called "too much"

Which works better Gatorade or water?

Well you must state what you mean by "which works better." works better at what? well i think this is what you're talking about. Gatorade is better for a sport but water is much better for a sport or anything. You should just drink water, of course you can drink gatorade, its not that bad for you but don't drink it to much.

Is too much olive oil bad for your health?

Yes. Too much of any oil is bad for your health.

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