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Can turtles eat bread?

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Yes turtles do eat bread. Especially forest turtles.

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Can a snapping turtle eat bread?

Snapping turtles can certainly eat bread.

Do turtles eat bread?

Yes, tutles can also eat carrots, lettuce, and meat. My turtles eat EVERYTHING!

Can painted turtles eat bread?

they eat pizza and carrot

Do small turtles eat bread?

ABSOLUTELY NOT ! The bread will swell in their stomach and cause intestinal blockage ! Would they eat bread in their natural habitat... NO !

What do turtles eat lettus or bread?

yes it can it can eat soft thing only

What do turtles eat besides greens?

bread crumbs worms

Do turrtles eat bread?

No turtles do not eat bread. They have to have a mixed diet of food. Look on the internet. For info its good. and gives great info. some mite be fake but try.

Do baby turtles eat bread?

No - never ! Bread never has been part of their NATURAL diet! Improve: Baby turtle aren't supposed to eat bread but they do. Even if you feed them bread, nothing bad should happen to them. Just because they do eat bread, don't feed them it as a substitute to vegetables, meat and fish.

Do cranes eat turtles?

they do eat turtles

Do snakes eat turtles?

snakes eat turtles,but smaller snakes eat smaller turtles.yes,snakes do eat turtles.

Can box turtles eat bread?

Turtles have individual tastes, but most love bananas and tomatoes, and some will try eating mint and other greens. Since they are omnivores (they eat meat, vegetation, and everything), they might give a piece of bread a nibble out of curiosity, but it's unlikely. One thing about tomatoes: the tomatoes themselves are a big favorite of turtles, but the tomato PLANT, being closely related to nightshade, is poisonous. So, just to be safe, don't grow the tomato plants in your turtle habitat because you don't want them nibbling on the leaves and stems.

Do owls and snakes eat snapping turtles?

Owls will eat soft shelled turtles and snakes eat turtles,but smaller snakes eat smaller turtles.yes,snakes do eat turtles.

Do turtles eat crabs?

No turtles don't eat crabs. but crab eats turtles for sure because turtles cant eat crabs.

What do 2 faced turtles eat?

they eat whatever turtles eat.

Do blacktip sharks eat turtles?

no the do not eat turtles

how to eat bread?

You can eat bread with the help of your mouth and teeth

Do turtles eat chips like doritos?

I hope so we feed some turtles doritos today

What sea turtles eat and what eats it?

Well, sea turtles eat plants and seat turtles eat meatBest answer:Sharks or tiger sharks eat sea turtles

Will large turtles eat smaller turtles?

Yes, many turtles, especially the carnivorous species such as snapping turtles, will eat smaller turtles.

Do freshwater turtles eat fish?

No fresh water turtles do not eat fish.

Can ALL turtles eat bread?

WHY are you trying to feed a turtle on a substance it would NEVER eat in it's natural diet ! You're right, turtles will eat vegetation and some will eat meat (snappers) but bread is probably not soething they can digest. It would be like feeding corn to beef cattle, which is not healthy for them and only puts white fat on them, not good brown fat that they put on when they graze on grass and forbs.

What does turtles eat mostly?

they most eat veggies and fruit. But if not have that they can eat turtle food and or sometimes small fish and cooked meat. But DO NOT feed it bread it can clot up and kill you little guy

Could pet turtles eat in the dark?

yes turtles can eat in the dark.. that is how they survive... yes turtles can eat in the dark.. that is how they survive...

Do turtles eat wet food?

turtles eat wet Food

What do snaping turtles eat?

Snapping turtles eat mostly fish.