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no they will call immagration and take you back to your country Yes they can. My closest friend is an illegal alien and he got married to another illegal alien in the county courthouse in Illinois. All they needed was their birth certificates and identification. She didn't even have a SS#. Yes, if you have the proper identification you may be married regardless of your Immigration status. It does not guarantee you will be allowed to remain in the U.S. nor does it mean you will be deported. Those decisions are made according to immigration laws only, consult the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website for specific information,

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Q: Can two illegal immigrants legally get married in the US?
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Can you marry a illegal immigrant in Texas?

Yes and and two illegal immigrants can marry although they are not here legally. It doesn't matter.

Can two undocumented immigrants get legally married in Michigan?

Yes. No identifying documents should be requested when you apply for a license to get married.

Can two documented immigrants who were married in another country get a divorce in California?

I do not think they can. I doubt that the state (or the country) will recognized the marriage of two illegal immigrants who married in another country. After all as far as the government is concerned "they are not here."

What two problems confront the US along its southern border?

illegal drugs and illegal immigrants

Who are you legally married to if you are married to two different people?

the first person you married

What can you do if you get married to a illegal and he gets arrested for being illegal but married to us but he has no visa or pass or anything came illegally?

If you were legally married in the United States, he is an American citizen, whatever his status at the time of your marriage. If he has been arrested for this, the two of you can recover damages for false arrest in a court of law. Get an attorney immediately.

If two us citizens get married in Scotland are they legally married in the US?

THE ONLY ANSWER IS; yes.simply, matters that you are legally married somewhere, not are fine.

What are two things the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act accomplished?

It made it against the law to hire illegal immigrants It provided amnesty to current illegal immigrants

Is being married to two guys illegal?

they call that bigamy, and yes it is illegal.

Can two illegal aliens who were married in another country get divorced in the US?

No. Civil Courts, with the exception of immigration courts are limited to legal citizens, aliens and those legally in the country.

Can you legally be married to two people if one spouse is mentally ill and in a mental facility?

No. Married is still married.

What is needed to perform a marriage ceremony?

Two people who can legally be married; a person legally able to conduct a marriage; at least two witnesses.

Can a woman be married to two men?

A woman can not be married to two men at the same time. Marrying two people at once is illegal.

Is it true that when you live under the different roof with your husband for two years you are no longer legally married?

Sorry to tell you But You will always be legally married until you get divorced!

Married to two people at the same time?

In most countries it is illegal to be married to more than one person at a time, this is called bigamy. In such cases it is generally ruled that the first marriage is legitimate and any sobsequent marriages while the person is still legally married are invalid.

How can you legally live with two women in North Carolina?

You can reside with as many as you like, but you can be legally married to only one of them.

If an illegal immigrant Came to the us at age three illegally married a us citizen and now they have two kids is it easier to get a green card?

No it will not be easier to get a green card. And how did they illegally marry? If they were issued a marriage license, and they did not lie on the application, they are legally married.

Can you get engaged to someone in Louisiana while legally separated for 11 months?

Technically yes. It is illegal to be married to two people (that is bigamy). And the fact that you have been legally separated, although a distinct legal status, means that you are STILL MARRIED. You are able to get engaged (because you are technically single) but you should be aware that being separated is not being divorced.

Can you be married to two people at the same time?

It is illegal in the US.

If you get married in Cuba is it legal in Canada?

A couple who was married in Cuba is also legally married in the nation of Canada. The two nations have reciprocity.

A person who is married with two wives?

In Western Culture a person married to two wives is considered a bigamist and it is illegal.

What are Ceremony of marriage?

A ceremony of marriage is a ceremony where two people get legally married.

What are two main reason do employers hire illegal immigrants for jobs that requir unskilled workers?

employers can pay them wages below minimum wage, and employers do not have to pay for benefits or taxes for illegal immigrants

Are you still legally married when you have been living separate for over two year?


If two minors get legally married in Maryland does that then emancipate them inOhio where they live?

I don't see why not

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