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No you may not use Pokemon platinum cheats on diamond or pearl. The storyline is totally different! This doesn't include action replay!

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Can Pokemon diamond cheat codes be used in Pokemon Platinum?

No, you can't. Codejunkies has to create different cheats every game. If you want to get Pokemon on Platinum, then use the Platinum version of Pokesav.

How do you get riolu in Pokemon HeartGold?

trade from diamond pearl or platinum other than that just use cheats

Where can i get a turtwig if i didn't start with it?

You have to trade it from another Pokemon Pearl, Diamond or Platinum game, or use cheats.

What cheats do you use for catching purge?

you do not catch purge in diamond pearl or platinum. Purge is a fan created pokemon.

How do you get the azure to work in spear pillar in diamond?

you can not get the azure flute in pokemon diamond, pearl or platinum unless you use cheats like action replay

How do you get shine Pokémons?

Its hard to get shiny Pokemon but the best way to get shiny Pokemon without cheats is to use a poke radar in Pokemon diamond and pearl or platinum.

Where is another master ball in Pokemon Platinum?

there is no more masterballs in Pokemon platinum but not if you use cheats

If you don't need a cheat card for Pokemon Diamond how do you use cheats?

you Google cheats for Pokemon diamond and something will pop up

Ds action raplay cheats for Pokemon Platinum?

yes you can use action replay on Pokemon platinum

Can you use the Azure Flute somewhere in Pokemon SoulSilver?

No but I do believe you can use on Platinum,Diamond and Pearl at Sky Pillar but it will not work if you have 5 or more cheats on your game.

How do use cheats for Pokemon platinum not with action replays?

use cheats with a flashcard. there is NO WAY to cheat in-game.

How do you do the clone trick in Pokemon Platinum?

In Platinum, there is no way (yet) to clone pokemon, unless you use cheats or hacks.

How do you catch Darkrai in Pokemon White?

I don't think you can... but you can in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum version you can use WFC (wifi) to obtain the member card ( I think that is what it's called) OR use cheats but all I know is you cannot catch it Pokemon white without cheats

How can you get a manaphy egg in Pokemon Platinum without cheats?

It is impossible to get a manaphy egg in Pokemon Platinum without cheats. You either use a cheat or get the egg from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

Where will you use the digging kit in Pokemon Diamond?

In the oreburgh mine this goes for pokemon diamond pearl and platinum

What do you type to get Pokemon platinum on your action replay?

you don't usually need any code if the data from Pearl or Diamond are on there just use the cheats from those options

How do you get a shayman in Pokemon platinum?

You can't at all get Shaymin even with cheats. The only way is to trade it through diamond or pearl.And in those games you have to use a cheat.

In Pokemon Diamond what do you do with the up-grade?

You use it on a porygon and it will evolve.(Pokemon Diamond, Platinum, and Pearl only.

All Pokemon cheat how do you get it on Pokemon Diamond?

If you use cheats you are a fool.You ruin the game

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