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Can vitamin e and vitamin b complex help with facial nerve pain?

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What are the benefits of the vitamin C in this facial cream?

The benefits of the vitamin C found in this facial cream are used to help hydrate the skin to keep it looking healthy and glowing.

Can vitamin b complex help night sweats?


What type of vitamin or herb will help with being tired all the time?

Vitamin B Complex will help, but you must take it consistently every day.

Does vitamin b-complex help nerves?

B-complex is know to have an anti-anxiety (or "calming of the nerves") affect on people.

Which nutrient maintains heathly nerve cells and red blood cells and is needed to help make dna?

That is Vitamin B series.There are several types in Vitamin B.

What vitamins help facial grow?

15,000 IU vitamin A; 50 mg each vitamins B3, 5, 6, and 12; 2 g vitamin C; 800 IU vitamin E; and 50 mg Biotin.

Can vitamins help fibromyalgia?

Yes, they can. Vitamin B-Complex, VItamin C, and Vitamin d. Many of these vitamins and minerals can be found in fruits and vegetables or as supplements. Either way, they can be acquired easily.

What vitamin is essential for producing energy?

E, C, and B complex vitamins help by aiding energy.

Which nutrient maintains healthy nerve cells and red blood cells and is needed to help make DNA?

Vitamin B12

What is the cause of facial numbness?

It could relate to problems with the sensory part of the trigeminal nerve which would result in pain or loss of sensation in the face. The trigeminal nerve is also known as the fifth CN. An MRI using the fifth nerve protocol could help determine if there is indeed a problem with that particular nerve.

Can you cure trigeminal neuralgia?

Yes, some of the best treatment options are creams, surgery and facial injections. These can help eliminate the pain caused by a pinched nerve.

How do you increase stamina without taking any medicine?

Exercise regularly and get adequate sleep. If you don't count vitamin supplements as medicine, then a vitamin b complex supplement will help you keep your energy.

What is food reason to create the nures problem?

There is nothing found for nures. You may be asking about nerves and foods that can improve nerve conditions. Foods rich in vitamin C have been know to help with nerve pain.

How long does it take to grow a mustache?

The length of time it takes to grow a mustache varies from individuals. However, Vitamin A can help speed up facial hair growth.

Does vitamin b complex contain all the b vitamins including b12?

Vitamin B-complex is a dietary supplement combination of all essential B vitamins--vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, folic acid and biotin. Supplementation with B-complex can be more convenient than supplementing with each B vitamin individually, and can also help to ensure adequate intake of each of these important nutrients

What vitamin is good for nerves?

The nervous system is involved in all body processes. Foods or supplements rich in vitamins B6 and B12 will help prevent nerve pain and nerve damage, including weakness or burning sensations.

What are some vitamins for hair growth?

It is normal for hair to fall out after having a baby. After approximately a year your hair should be back to normal. To help in the process, complex B vitamins, vitamin c, zinc and vitamin E may help with the hair loss.

What are the best vitamins for acne?

He should take in lots of Vitamin C and E. He can also get more calcium and vitamin D. Try to get and eat healthy fruits and vegetables to help clear up his skin. He can also use an acne facial wash.

What doese vitamin e do for the body?

Vitamin E is an absolutely vital nutrient in your body. To begin, it is an antioxidant. It tames dangerous free radicals and helps prevent blood clots and blockages in coronary arteries. Vitamin E is also believed to slow the ageing process and to help nerve conduction. Most importantly, it works to enhance and even protect vitamin C and Vitamin A. There is also promising research that vitamin E might help prevent or slow the onset of cataracts in the eyes.

Does vitamin help psoriasis?

Vitamin D does.

Does vitamin b complex help improve sexual arousal?

Yes it will make you want to shag anything with a pulse. Or without a pulse, depending on your dosage.

What Vitamins help facial hair grow?

ive heard of a few that help grow facial hair and make beard thicker such as B-6 (pretty much most of the B-complex vitamins too), magnesium, fish oild and a few others but the B-6 will have to be one of the most effective.

Why have i been having mood swings since ive had my baby?

When you have your baby , your body is changing . If you live north, you should try some vitamin D, and Vitamin b-12 complex. This will also help with your energy level.

What vitamins are best for healthy, beautiful skin?

For healthy skin the best vitamins are vitamin C, vitamin E (these help sun damage to skin). Also important for healthy skin are vitamins A, K, and B complex

Are there vitamins for depressioin?

A vitamin B deficiency can actually play a large part in depression. Check out this article about the B-complex vitamin to see how it might be able to help or affect you.