Can we see pic of female inserting a tampon?

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Unfortunately no. For the safety and privacy of the individual images of women inserting a tampon should not be published online. It is important to respect the privacy of women and their bodies.

There are several topics which are sensitive and private and it is important to respect them. This includes:

  • Images of women inserting a tampon
  • Images of women breastfeeding
  • Images of women in states of undress

These images should not be published online without the explicit permission of the individual. Images of women engaging in activities related to their health and bodies should not be shared without permission.

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Thank you thank you πŸ‘
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I agree with your correspondent Felipe Marvin.
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Simran Kour

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It is not mandatory that someone has to see an actual women it could also be an animation character that could be presented just for demon purpose. so, I think it’s not wrong.

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Bro, u need ur homework folders checked ._.

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I hope not

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Q: Can we see pic of female inserting a tampon?
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