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Q: Can you 14 gauge wire from the panel box to 12 gauge wire to the light?
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What gauge of cooper service wire for 200A service to meter box and service panel?


What color is the neutral wire in a panel box?


Can a 240V wire be run from the junction box and not the service box?

Junction box for what? Do you mean a sub panel?

What size grounding wire do you use as the 4th wire running in your conduit from your 200 amp meter box to your 200amp service panel this is the ground wire from box to box?

You do not use a ground wire in the connection from the meter base to the distribution panel. A bonding wire may be required if the service is using PVC conduit.

How do you connect a ground wire for a light fixture?

Connect the ground wire from the light fixture to the ground wire in the ceiling box.

Can 10 gauge electrical wire be connected to 12 gauge?

Yes, but the splice must be made in an electrical junction box.

Is the wire gauge smaller from the battery to the fuse box and larger to the air coditioner?

Yes, the wire gauge numbers are smaller. A typical automotive battery cable would be 4 gauge, the wires after the fuse box would be 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 gauge depending on the accessory.

Can you run a 240v wire from the electrical panel then put a junction box to run it where you want?

A 240 volt wire is the insulation factor of the wire. If you mean a 240 supply source from a distribution panel to a junction box then the answer is yes. You have to keep in mind that the box has to be accessible, meaning that you can get to the box to check the splice within the box. Don't bury the junction box behind the wall board.

Where do you hook the ground wire on a porcelain light fixture on a metal box?

Connect the ground wire to the metal box.

Where is the fuse for the petrol gauge on a Peugeot 106?

The fuse for the petro gauge can be found in the fuse box. The fuse will be labeled as the instrument panel fuse.

Can you run 12 gauge electrical wire into 14 gauge electrical wire?

Yes, but the breaker that protects the wire size has to be sized to the smaller of the two wires. Also the splice has to be made in a junction box that can be fitted with a cover.

What size wire do you use for a sub panel box?

The size wire you would use for a sub panel box would depend on the square footage of the area it will be servicing. <<>> Wire is sized by the amperage of the load, not the square footage of the area it will be servicing. . Depending on what the amperage size of the sub panel that is to be installed, will govern what the conductor size that is to be used.

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