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yes but the damage from the first attack doesnt add on to the second attack

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Q: Can you attack the same monter with more than one monster in Yugioh?
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Can you attack more than one monster with the same monster in Yugioh tcg?

Only if it has an effect that lets it attack more than once per turn, like Asura Priest does.

Can you attack more than once in yugioh in 1 turn?


Who is more famous Lil Wayne or Loch Ness Monster?

lock ness monter i dont even KNOW who lil wayne is.

In Yu-Gi-Oh if you attack a monster stronger than you do you get destroyed?

Yes. If your monster is in attack position and you attack a monster that has more attack points than yours, your monster is destroyed and you take Battle Damage to your Life Points equal to the difference between your opponent's monster's Attack Points and your monster's Attack Points.

Can you use Ruin Queen of Oblivion's effect more than once since its effect is that if this monster successfully destroys your opponents monster it gets to attack once again in a row?

The 'once more' bit is restricting you to using this effect once only in a turn. Even if she destroys another monster with her next attack, she cannot declare a third attack.

In YuGiOh if you have two Amber Mammoths on your field at the same time can your opponent attack any of your monsters or can they still attack one of your Mammoths?

Your opponent will be able to destroy one of your Crystal Beast Amber Mammoths in battle even if two or more are on the field. If you redirect a attack to an Amber Mammoth, the conditions to activate another Amber Mammoth's effect would be gone because your opponent finished declaring an attack against a Crystal Beast Monster you control.

How do you use the Yami-uchi in the Izuna games?

You stick them on weapons and then the weapons have a chance at killing the monster you attack automatically, and it is more effective on weapons that attack more monsters at a time.

Can you attack then normal summon then attack once more with the newly summoned monster in Yu-Gi-Oh?

The lack of two battle phases makes this kinda moot.

Can your Spellcaster attack once more maybe directly after you play Diffusion Wave-Motion?

No. Diffusion Wave-Motion makes that monster attack each of the opponent's monsters that turn. It does not grant one additional attack to make a direct attack afterwards.

What is the purpose of Yu-Gi-Oh cards and how do you play it?

the purpose is to beat the other opponent and collect more cards to perfect your deck the way it works is each card has its own group monster magic or trap and each card is either dark light earth air fire thinks there more then that but anyway each monster card has attack and defence and each magic or trap has an effect alot of monster cards has an effect as well but if monster is in attack mode and is attacked by a monster with higher attack level it is destroy and the person loses point (normal point for each player is 4000) and same if attack mode attacks defence mode except the person wint loose points if there monster is in defence mode .

Is there a Yugioh card with a higher attack and defense total than the master dragon knight?

No, however there is a monster with equal ATK and DEF - Five Headed Dragon. Five Headed Dragon is the more useful card as it can easily be summoned with dragons mirror and can only be destroyed by light attribute monsters, thus a quick application of DNA Transplant renders it indestructable.

What is the effect of the red dragon archfiend card in the game of Yugioh?

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters If this card attacks a Defense Position monster your opponent controls, destroy all Defense Position monsters your opponent controls after damage calculation. During your End Phase, destroy all other monsters you control that did not declare an attack this turn.