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Soy flour is an acceptable substitute in many recipes.

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Q: Can you bake with just soy flour?
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Can you bake with organic soy flour?

Yes, you can bake with Organic Soy Flour, it is a good alternative to regular flour if you have gluten allergies, as Soy Flour is Gluten Free.

What can you substitutute for soy oil and soy flour?

Well just use normal oil and flour. If you really need something close, get a different type of oil and flour. Like olive oil.

Is it just normal plain flour you use when making bread?

Pretty much. There are different types of flour, and bread flour is considered the best for making it, but you can bake bread with just about any type of flour.

Can you mix soy bean flour with wheat flour to make chapatis?

Yes, you can use one part soy flour to four parts wheat flour.

How much does 1 cup of all-purpose flour equal to soy flour?

One cup of all-purpose flour is equal to 3/4 cups of soy flour. Before the soy flour is added, it should be sifted or stirred to prevent it from being clumpy.

Are canned bake beans made from soy products?

No, canned bake beans are made with beans. Soy is also made from beans, but a different type.

Can you sub soy flour for tapioca flour in a paleo recipe?

You can in emergencies, but it isn't paleo. Soy isn't a paleo-friendly ingredient.

Is soy flour gluten free?

Ground soy beans.

Is soy an adjective?

No. Soy or soya are considered nouns for the plant and its extracts. It is used as an adjunct in terms such as soy sauce, soy flour, and soy milk.

What are baco's made from?

Primarily from soy flour.

What can you bake with butter water food colouring and milk?

Unless you have something else to add, such as flour and sugar, there is nothing you can bake with just the ingredients you listed. If you bake just butter, water, food coloring and milk, it will end up just a greasy, colored mess. It will also be a waste of ingredients.

Can you get sick from expired soy flour?

dry soy is just like any other food. if you eat expired food, there's a chance that you might get sick and might not get sick.