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Can you be 14 living in lawton and live with any body you want to like a family member?

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Where is Lawton? If it

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What is The body of knowledge a person acquires as part as living as a member of their society?

Their Culture

If your dad dies who claims body?

Next of kin claims the body (next of kin means the nearest family member or spouse)

How do you write a letter of appreciation to a family member?

When writing a letter of appreciation to a family member you can begin with "Dear Dad" or "Dear Aunt Cindy". The body of the letter would contain why you appreciate them so much.

Why do ants have 3 body parts?

Ants have three body parts the head, trunk and metasoma. This three division body is because it is a member of the insect animal family.

What kind of noun is member?

The noun member is a singular common noun. The noun member is an abstract noun for someone or something that belongs to a given group, family, genre, etc. The noun member is a concrete noun for a body appendage.

How do you identify a dead woman?

The coroner uses dental records if the body is too disfigured or decomposed. Otherwise, the closest family member views and identifies the body, if it is the person's relative.

Who was mummified in the Egyptian culture?

Most likely anyone who could afford for their family member mummified because a family member would want that person to go to the After life. If no one loves/cares for that person, no one would spend their money to get the body mummified.

What is genus Octopus?

The genus Octopus defines the family of the Octopodidae and the members of the family are bottom-living cephalopods having a soft oval body with eight long tentacles.

What is a sea dragon?

A sea dragon is a member of the same family in which sea horses fall that has leafy-looking protrusions all over its body.

What Sacrament makes you a member of the Body of Christ?

Roman Catholic AnswerBaptism makes you a member of the Body of Christ.

The smallest living unit in the body?

The cell is the smallest living unit in the body.

Which are the longest living cells in the body?

the longest living cell in your body is your fist

What is bacteria living organism or non living organism?

Inside the body of living organisms they behave as living beings and when they are outside the living body they behave as non - living beings

What would happen if the whole British royal family were to die?

The British line of succession goes out to 1898 places, if all members of the British Royal Family (those living in the UK and known to the public as "the Royal family") The crown would pass to the King of Norway, the 68th person in the line of succession and first person living outside of the UK if all 1898 persons in the line were dead its likely the UK would become a Republic, though a member of the House of Lords might be elected by that body to the monarchy

Which Mafia Boss ran his crime family longest?

Stefano Maggadino was the longest running mafia boss in the country's history and a member of the Commission, the mafia's ruling body. He was the head of the BUFFALO crime family.

What kind of flying insect has a red body and black tip on its tail?

A kind of flying insect that has a red body and black tip on its tail could be a Milkweed Beetle. This beetle is a member of the family Cerambycidae.

What is the largest living organ in your body?

Actually, your largest living organ on your body is your skin.

Which member of the horse family is largest and strongest Morgan Clydesdale or Arabian?

the clydesdale because of its large body and big muscles clydesdale's are stronger, but the Arabian are faster.

Is the ukulele part of the percussion setion?

No, the ukulele is a string instrument. It is a member of the lute family. Some people do 'hit' the body to get a percussion sound to keep time.

Which is the non living part of the Human Body?

the non living parts of the body are nails and hair!

Law as a living body?

law as a living bodylaw as a living body is the combined state of the government and the laws that hod them in place by a common understanding of safety for the public and the country

What is the different between a still living human body and a newly dead body?

the living body will have a pulse, a dead one wont!

Is corpse living or non living?

Non living because it is a dead body.

What are the five levels of organization of a living body beginning with cells?

The five levels of organization of a living body beginning with cells are cell tissue organs organ tissue a living body

Was Manson Family victim Shorty Shea ever found?

Shorty Shea, actor, stuntman, sometimes a fringe member of Charles Manson's 'Family' just disappeared after a disagreement with Charlie. His body has never been found and family members bragged about murdering Shea, cutting his body into many small pieces, and burying them in the desert outside of Los Angeles.