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Can you be FIRED for having poor credit in California?


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Yes. You can be let go from a job for having bad credit. A lot of employers will hire you on while the credit check is in progress because it takes so long to retrieve. Once that returns, they can let you go. I've had a couple of friends have that happen to them. Usually it's for jobs where you work with money, or have a high amount of responsibility. You are a risk for them to employ.


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Having a poor credit score impacts one's ability to get a credit card and even a mortgage. If one is still able to get a credit card, the interest rate is likely to be higher and the credit limit lower.

There are a variety of banks in California which are known to occasionally provide loans for individuals with poor credit ratings. SunTrust is just one example of a bank which provides this service.

Having a credit card is not always an easy job. There are advantages, but also disadvantages. One of the disadvantage is to have a poor credit card record which means that the credit card is being overused. With the poor credit card record, the applicant would find it difficult to approach the amount, because it would be more expensive than normal.

Yes you can be fired for a poor employee performance evaluation. It doesn't always happen and it gives a chance for the employee to come back and prove themself. Some of the time it may just result in a demotion or more of a warning to do better or you may be fired.

Often previous bad debts can have a huge impact on receiving a poor credit mortgage. It is worth having an official credit rating carried out to determine your rating, as this will also inform you as to why you have a good or bad rating.

There are very few actual dangers, however inconveniences of having a poor credit rating when one is applying for a loan are that the lower one's credit rating is, the less chance one has of gaining the loan one wants. Another inconvenience is that if one has a poor credit rating, one does not attract the more favorable interest rates that someone with a good credit rating will attract, and the amount of credit one is offered may well be a lot lower than a person with a favorable credit rating.

a poor credit rating would be 0

You can find credit cards for those with poor credit at

For people requiring loans when they have a poor credit rating then they may be able to get a poor credit loan from several companies advertising poor credit loans. Sites such as Tesco Bank and Norton Finance offer loans to people with poor credit.

I have a good income but poor credit.

credit for the poor is a myth. poor people shoud just learn to live with and love being poor. when you are poor you dont have to worry about what to do with all of your money

There are pre-paid cards and secured cards available for those with poor credit.

Mastercard is a well-known company that offers a credit card to people with poor credit ratings. The objective is for those with poor credit to be able to strengthen their credit ratings if the card is used responsibly. Capital One and First Premier also offer credit cards to those with a poor credit rating.

To obtain a credit card with poor credit, you will need to apply to companies that target people with poor credit. Some of those companies are: Orchard Bank, Capital One and First Premier Bank.

Many online services can offer personal loans even if you have poor credit. Many local loan services also offer poor credit loans.

There are many reasons to have a credit card if your credit is fair to poor - having a credit card and using it properly can actually rebuild a credit score that has been damaged. Two popular credit cards for this purpose are the Barclaycard Rewards Mastercard For Average Credit and the Capital One Cash Rewards card.

Some companies that offer auto loans for individuals with poor credit are Cars Direct, Blue Sky and Coquitlam Auto Credit. Individuals with poor credit can get special auto loans.

The meaning of credit cards for people with poor credit refers to credit cards that are approved to people that have had financial problems or debts in the past. They usually allow one to rebuild their credit score.

An individual's credit score can affect all aspects of life. Having a good credit scrore, or improving a poor score, can be accomplished by several ways, including paying off debt, never submitting late payments, and not having a high debt to income ratio.

The basic requirements to apply for a Christian loan are having poor financial records, facing difficult situations in life, and having bad credit. No matter how bad credit that a person has, he or she always eligible for a Christian loan.

have poor credit need 5k personal loan where do i go

When looking for car finance assistance with poor credit, there are options. Plenty of businesses offer services to people who have poor credit, however often there are higher interest rates.

Some companies offer mortgage loans for people with poor credit but in general, they are difficult to find. In general, one will need to prove that they can make up for the poor credit in time by showing their credit record and income status.

An individual's credit score can affect all aspects of life. Having a good credit score, or improving a poor score, can be accomplished by several ways, including paying off debt, never submitting late payments, and not having a high debt to income ratio.

To refinance a mortgage without a good credit score you will need a FHA refinance. These loans cater to those with poor credit scores and has more relaxed rules and requirements. These type of loans are what the housing market was affected by. With most applicants having poor credit many of these FHA loans go into default because of the relaxed rules and requirements.

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