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Jewelry allergy is a common cause of contact allergic dermatitis. Most jewelry allergy is caused by the metal nickel (see nickel allergy) which is used in the manufacture of precious metal alloys. In less expensive jewelry, nickel is often used in the base metal which is then plated with gold or silver. Many people who believe that they are allergic to gold or silver jewelry are actually allergic to nickel, which can occur as a trace element in gold or silver or has been used in the manufacture of gold jewelry to whiten and/or strengthen the piece.

In affected individuals, dermatitis develops in places where nickel-containing metal is touching the skin. The most common sites of jewelry allergy are the earlobes , the fingers (from rings), and around the neck ; the affected areas become intensely itchy and may become red and blistered or dry, thickened and pigmented Sometimes the dermatitis later affects areas that are not in contact with jewelry, particularly the hands. Pompholyx is a blistering type of hand dermatitis that is prevalent in people with a previous history of jewelry allergy, and may be due to contact with other sources of nickel such as coins and keys.

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Q: Can you be allergic to jewelry?
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What type of jewelry should not be worn?

Jewelry that is uncomfortable or jewelry that you make have an allergic reaction to should not be worn.

If you are allergic to fake jewelry do that means you are allergic to fake belly ring jewelry?

I would say a definite yes to this, more so as you sweat there and could cause problems

Is there a certain type of body jewelry for people who are sensitive to jewelry?

Surgical plastic jewelry may be a good choice for those who can be allergic to stainless steel.

You want to wear your jewelry but am allergic to it?

You can coat the backs of the jewelry with clear nail polish, that does help somewhat, you still need to limit the time that you wear the jewelry though... Find out what you are allergic to, is it the gold or the nickel, sometimes if its gold you can get 10 K gold instead of higher values and that helps... If its the nickel then you would need to get the nickel free jewelry...

Where can platinum jewelry be bought?

Platinum jewelry can be bought in most jewelry shops and is a very good but slightly more expensive alternative to nickel jewelry. Most people prefer platinum jewelry over nickel jewelry because nickel jewelry is very reactive and can cause allergic reactions.

What is bioplast jewelry?

Bioplast jewelry is jewelry used for body piercings. Bioplast jewelry is made up of different types of plastic. This makes it more compatible than metal for body piercings as some people are allergic to certain metals.

What are the cause of a small patch of red spots not itchy on right wrist?

If you've recently worn jewelry or a watch on that wrist, it may be an allergic reaction to the jewelry.

How can you prevent costume jewelry from irritating the neck?

if your jewelry is irritating your neck you might be allergic to whatever the jewelry is made of . Or the jewelry might be fake. However , if none of these concerns above are the problem then my best advice is to just go buy another chain.

Why do jewelry allergies occur?

Some people might be allergic to fake jewelry. Many pieces of jewelry contain the component called nickel which is one of the most common causes of jewelry allergies. The itchy rash generally appears in the areas where jewelry is worn. As a nickel alloy sits against the skin, the natural sweat and oils from the skin oxidize the metal. As a result of the oxidation, a thin layer of nickel salts form on top of the jewelry. Those nickel salts irritate the skin and cause the allergic dermatitis that are characteristic of a metal allergy.

Since some people are allergic to some metals, what type of precious metal jewelry sets are best for gifts?

Gold is a very safe bet for metal, not many people are allergic to gold.

How do i know if I'm allergic to gold?

First, almost no one is allergic to pure gold. But pure gold is rare (too soft for jewelry) and you may be allergic to the alloying material. A dermatologist can test you, or you can acquire a pure gold ring and wear it for a week or two: if you don't develop a rash then you're not likely to be allergic.

How do you know if you are allergic to the jewelry in your lip piercing?

if your lip turns red or its swollen that's normal , you just got to clean it . if its blue your lip jewelery is fake and that can get infected badly . . . I don't think you can get allergic ! ! !

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If you're allergic to gold will you also be allergic to white gold?

Yes, gold allergies include white gold allergies. White gold jewelry often has a rhodium plating that would prevent an allergy as the gold would not touch the skin; however, this rhodium plating wears and thins overtime, eventually allowing the gold to touch the skin leading to an allergic reaction.

Is it safe to wear body jewelry not made of surgical steele?

Surgical Steel is the safest material to use, however if you are not allergic to precious metals, gold may be used also.

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