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No. Repossession is a civil matter not a criminal one.

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Is being arrested for the first time a felon?

It depends on if you were arrested for a felony or not.

Is endangering welfare of child a misdemeanor or felony in Pennsylvania?

It is a felony.

Is there a class you felony in Virginia for driving with no liscenes?

Driving without a drivers permit in Virginia is NOT a felony.

What is a class you felony in va for driving with no liscens?

what is a class u felony in va for driving with no liscens

If you have been arrested for a felony can you buy a gun?

If you have a pending felony case, no. If you've been convicted of a felony, no. If you've been acquitted of a felony, then you can.

Does Pennsylvania have felony murder?


Can you get a sheriffs card in Pennsylvania with a felony?


What is the consequence for a class C felony in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania does not hold a Class C felony as some other states do. Pennsylvania felonies are by degree such as first, second and third degree.

Is reckless driving a felony?

there are several ways for reckless driving. but in some cases yes it can be considered a felony.

How can you be arrested on a class e felony in NY and its it serious?

You can be arrested by a law enforcement officer taking you into custody, bringing you in, then you get formally charged. Any felony is serious.

After seven years does a felony on your record go does a felony get off you Pennsylvania?

no a felony is yours to keep for the rest of your life

What three crimes can congressman be arrested for?

treason felony

Was martin Luther king jr arrested for a felony?


Can you get arrested at airport when returning home with felony?


Can you get an insurance license in Pennsylvania if you have a felony conviction?


What type of felony is a habitual driving in Florida?

3rd degree felony

Can you go to jail impersonating a police officer in the state of Pennsylvania?

Impersonation of a police officer is a crime in all fifty states, and depending on the circumstance, can be a felony.

What happens if you get caught with marijuana in the Airport?

you will get arrested and processed for that felony.

Is it a felony for getting arrested for an unpaid speeding ticket?

No. Misdemeanor.

Can the police contact your employer if you get arrested for a felony in Texas?


Is getting arrested a felony?

no but it gets put on your lifetime record

Does a person get indicted on a drug felony after they have been arrested?

not sure

Will a person with a felony warrant be arrested if they travel by bus?


Can you be a lawyer with a drunk driving felony?


Will a felony show up on a driving record?

No, not unless it was a motor vehicle felony.