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Can you be bonded if you were convicted of a crime but were never arrested?

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That is not possible, you must be arrested, charged and have a trial before you can be convicted of a crime.

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Do non convictions appear on your record?

Yes, it will show that you were arrested and then charged with the crime. But it will show you were never convicted of it.

If your not arrested for drug paraphernalia when pulled over in Arizona can you be convicted of such a crime?

You can't be convicted unless you are found guilty. You can't be found guilty if you were never brought to court. You can't be brought to court if you were never arrested, or charged.

Can a Canadian who was never arrested enter the US?

I was never arrested for a crime, can I enter the US?

Can you own a handgun if you was accued of a crime but never convicted?


What president pardoned Waylon Jennings?

Waylon was never convicted of a crime to be pardoned for.

Was President Johnson convicted?

President Andrew Johnson was charged with a crime against congress. He was never convicted and was able to remain in office.

How long until a parolee can own a gun?

Never. Convicted felons are prohibited from ever owning a gun, regardless of the crime for which they were convicted.

Did Jimmy Carter pardon John Kerry?

No. Kerry never was tried or convicted of a crime.

Why was Jose Rizal arrested in Singapore?

Jose Rizal was never arrested in Singapore, but instead by the colonial Spanish government for the crime of rebellion

Can you again apply for a immigration Visa after your drug charge is dropped?

If you were never convicted of a federal crime, then yes.

Can you be convicted of a crime from your past?

If you have never been previously tried for it -AND- the statute of limitations on it hasn't expired, yes, you can.

What if you were arrested but never convicted with a felony and the charges were dismissed or expunged can you get a handgun permit?

Generally speaking, yes. If you were never convicted, you can obtain a permit. If the charges were expunged, it depends. Expunged is not necessarily the same as having your rights restored.

How many tymes have crime tyme benn arested?

49 Sorry to disappoint you but they have never been arrested.

Do dropped charges show up on background check?

Not only does it show up on your background. The initially charge for which you where arrested/charged stays the same just get it expunge if you can. Good Luck This person is incorrect. If you are convicted of a crime then it show up on you back ground check. But if the charges are dropped then you were never convicted of that crime and it will NOT show up on background check. Court Documents can be researched to find out what the original charge may have been, but it you are doing a background check for a job then they do NOT look for that type of information. They only want to know what you were convicted of. You get this expunged if you were convicted of a crime and it has been several years since the conviction took place.

Does plies have a history?

Plies does not have a criminal history. Except for traffic tickets and eviction notices and his lastest stint with the Gainesville Sheriff's Department for the shooting incident involving his brother and associates, he has never been arrested or convicted on any major crime. Goon my ass!!!! LOL

Did Richard Nixon receive presidential retirement salary?

Richard Nixon did receive a Presidential retirement salary. He was never convicted of a crime.

Where can I get help for my son who has been convicted for a crime that he claims for the beginning he never did?

The bet option is to find an attorney who shares and can your prove your thoughts.

Why did Bill Gates put into prison?

Bill Gates has never been to prison.

Why was Zac Efron arrested?

He was never arrested.

Did Britney Spears get arrested?

No, she was never arrested.

Was david schwimmer arrested?

No he was never arrested.

Is receiving an MIC ticket considered being convicted of a crime as it concerns job applications?

On applications, when they ask "have you been convicted of a crime?" look at the statements written below. They describe the situations that will fall into the catagorie of being "convicted." Recieving an MIC ticket is not a convicted crome. The ones that are, arr mainly felonies. I have two misdemeanors, and never have I had to answer yes to that question...I even went as far as to ask the policeman who gave me them if I had to answer yes, and he told me no. Good luck.

What crime was Nixon convicted of?

Nixon was never convicted of any crimes. He was pardoned by President Gerald Ford a month after he resigned "for any crimes he committed or may have committed between January 20, 1969 and August 9, 1974".

Was Jesus ever convicted of sodomy?

No, Jesus was never convicted of anything.

Did John Hancock ever get arrested?

No, he was never arrested

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