Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out
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Can you be emancipated when are 16 in Maryland?


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You can be emancipated at 16, but be aware the term "emancipate" generally refers to release a minor from parental control before age 18. An 18 year old doesn't need to be emancipated by the court in the first place, they are an adult and simply are released from parental control by virtue of being old enough. So the fact that you can be emancipated at 16 does not mean you can pack and leave home at 16 without some kind of legal action being involved. The emancipation must be agreed upon with the parent, or the court must grant the emancipation.

Contrary to a lot of pop culture and TV depictions of emancipation, it is not a matter taken likely and the minor does not get to just petition the court and thereby legally move out just because they don't like their parents. In fact, in Maryland minors cannot even initiate the proceedings. There must be some kind of abuse present, and the minor must also be self-supporting, not simply have a place to stay somewhere else.