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Can you be evicted by someone other than your landlord?

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In theory, no. Anyone "evicting" you would have to be an authorized agent of the landlord -- the only one with the power to repossess the premises...

Under certain circumstances you could be evicted by the State/County and the landlord would have no say in the matter,such as if the Dwelling was deemed condemned under health laws or because of building code violations...

You could also be evicted by the State/County if the landlord does not have a certificate of occupancy for that dwelling which makes it an illegal rental...

2011-02-19 13:01:38
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Related Questions

Do you still owe rent after being evicted if their was no lease involed?

This is somewhat you mean by owing rent. If you were evicted for nonpayment of rent than the landlord could sue you for the money you owe in back rent. Since there was no lease involved, your landlord cannot sue for future rent.

In California can a landlord charge administrative fees?

I am not sure if the rule varies by state but the landlord can't charge any fees other than state regulated late fees and court cost if evicted, unless it's stated in your lease. You would have to be informed of any changes at least 30 days prior to the charge being assessed.

Does a landlord have to let a tenant know they are in default Say for having a unauthorized pet?

If a landlord has an objection to a tenant and wishes to evict that tenant then yes, he does have to inform the tenant in question about the objection. Tenants must be given an opportunity to remedy the problem rather than being evicted.

What if your landlord signs your name to the lease?

Then he or she has broken the law. Contact the police or an attorney. A lease is a legal contract and someone other than you signing your name is committing a crime.

Can i rent a room from somebody other than the landlord?

Basically anyone you rent a room from IS your landlord. Now, if you're talking about renting a room from someone who happens to be renting from a landlord, it depends on whether that landlord allows the tenant to rent a room to someone else (this is called subletting). I would be very careful about renting a subletted area from a renter. As a subletted renter you dont' have any rights as you would if you were a normal renter. The actual landlord may not allow the renter to sublet, and the renter could be kicked out, as can you!

Is a landlord in NJ responsible if a tenant is injured slipping on ice?

You need to check your lease. If you're landlord is responsible for cutting the grass and other landscaping maitanence than yes you can sue the landlord. But if you are responsible for cutting the grass and plowing the drive than no.

Can an apartment landlord in Texas charge fees not in lease such as paper billing and HOA fees?

It is unseemly that a landlord can charge a tenant for other than the items listed in the lease. You can pay them and take your landlord to landlord-tenant court for reimbursement, or you can approach a landlord-tenant advocacy to find the answer that you want.

Report your landlord?

my landlord is Birmingham city council, and i think that their repairs system is in very bad mess. i reported a toilet blockage, which is an emergency, but they have taken more than one week to get someone out. what can i do?

To see someone other than your boyfriend?

To see someone other than my boyfreind When I try to see someone other than My boyfreind all they want to do is flirt With me

Does a landlord have a right to enter a property when the occupier has no lease and no rent has been paid?

No he does not have a right to enter even if your rent is not paid. He can only enter incase of an emergency like water leak, fire, etc... Other than that he must use the legal system to get you evicted. Then he must be absolutely sure that you are out before he can enter the premises.

Can a ex landlord garnish wages with no rental agreement or receipts?

A landlord may garnish your entree if he is a chef. Other than that he place a garnishee on wages if authorised by a judgment of the court.

Are apartments allowed to charge more than market price?

Unless the apartment is subsidized, the landlord can charge whatever someone will pay.

What is land lords?

A landlord is a person who owns one or more houses and/or apartments and rents them out to other people. If you are renting a house or an apartment rather than buying it, the person you pay your rent to is the landlord.

Can a landlord evict us for no reason other than the lease is up?

Yes, most of the terms are explained in some of the paperwork.

My husband was defending me when another drunk resident forced his way into our apt was hurting me My husband threw him out of our apt into the courtyard they fought now I am being evicted How?

You can be evicted for many reasons. You have to go to court to defend yourself. If you don't show up, the landlord wins by default. You don't need a lawyer to do this but you can get one from the free legal aid. You should have gotten a summons that says what part of the rental contract or lease you broke. The landlord will present his "reasons" in court. Read your lease / contract. He has to prove that you broke your contract or your lease by doing something that was not allowed to evict you and break your lease or rental contract. Usually, he has to give you notice of what you did wrong before he files eviction. Sometimes the contract says that by signing the contract, you have been notified of all the rules, and no further notice is necessary. Did you break a law? where you charged with anything? You can be evicted for unlawful conduct. You can also be evicted just because the landlord wants his apartment back and you won't leave. BUT he can't keep taking your rent. By taking your rent he agrees every month to allow you to stay. Even by taking a partial payment. Do you have a Lease or a rental contract? If not, there is a month to month or week to week agreement provided by the state tenant landlord laws. To get you to leave when you don't want to, he has to evict you. Its a legal way for the landlord to get you out of the apartment, and get the place back. But each state has a eviction process and you can appeal the finding at each stage of the process. So it takes longer in some states than others to evcit someone and get the apartment back.

Where can I learn about landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance can be very cheap depending on the amount of property and specifics covered. There are websites that can provide more than one quote for landlord insurance.

Can a landlord collect rent then go get a eviction?

Sometimes, like if there is still rent owed, or if the reason for the eviction is something other than money.

Can a landlord send out a certified letter then sign for it?

No. If the landlord is sending a certified letter for specific person than only that specific person or authorized representative, such as someone living in the same household, may sign for that letter. If it is sent out then signed by the same person this could be a federal offense.

What is liking someone more than the other?

most the time that means liking someone more than they like you back

Can someone other than a parent bring a child to a doctor's appointment?

A letter of authorization (written permission)for someone other than a parent to take a child to a doctor's appointment

Can people other than those on the lease agreement live in the apt.?

No, if another adult moves into the apartment, you must get permission from your landlord, and if he/she agrees, the other adult must be added to and then sign the lease. The landlord then has the right to increase your rent and to run a credit check on the other adult. If the other person is a minor child, you must put there name on the lease sort of like a dependent.

Is it legal for someone other than parents to spank a child?


Can you charge roommate more for rent than the landlord?

Concievably, yes. If the tenant got a deal on the apartment, and can find someone who is willing to pay even more than the rent, even just to be a roommate, there's nothing illegal about that.

What can you do if your landlord turns off your water?

A landlord turning off your water for any reason other than pre-scheduled maintenance is a textbook example of constructive eviction. So what can you do? Move out! But before moving out, you must give your landlord notice that you are leaving because of the lack of water. Carefully read the Related Question What is constructive eviction? below, and talk with a landlord-tenant law attorney or tenants' rights group immediately!Generally, water is part of your essential utility. If your rent includes water, inter alia, then your landlord may not turn it off for any reason other than repairs. It is illegal for landlords to turn off the utilities of a tenant for non-payment of rent or for any other retaliatory reasons. This is known as illegal eviction, also a form of constructive eviction.

What UK companies provide good landlord building insurance?

There are a number of companies that provide good landlord building insurance. Some of the better ones include 'Direct Line', 'More Than', 'Simple Landlord', and 'Nationwide'.