Can you be filmed at work in the U.K?

There arenumerous reasons for being "filmed" in the workplace

In some organisations CCTV is used for security and safety purposes - staff understand that the CCTV is there to protect and to warn others of issues that may effect them and react in a way which protects the employee

Some organisations will run a "promotional" movie and use existing employees to demonstrate techniques and skills

Some will use their own personnel to promote the organisation IE. NATWEST BANK and B and Q presently use their own staff for advertising.

Most employees are "OK" with being filmed in their working environment - If you are concerned about this and you are being asked to be filled consider the reason and what positive actions will come from it that could benefit you. Also discuss any concerns with a supervisor. You may also be advised to check any employment contract you have as in some it actually covers promoting the organisation.