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If you lied about it/ hid it ... yes

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Q: Can you be fired from a job because you are being investigated for a felony conviction from 5 years ago?
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What is a felony conviction?

Generally, a felony conviction is one for which you can receive in excess of one year imprisonment.A Felony is a serious crime in the United states and other common law areas, So being convicted of a felony is a just being accused of a crime.

Can you legally own a gun if you have an old misdemeanor charge that was thrown out of court With no conviction and no probation?

Yes. Conviction of a felony, being under indictment, being a fugitive, or being convicted of domestic violence are disqualifiers.

Does having a felony mean you cannot purchase guns?

Yes, you can not. Being denied ownership of or access to firearms is a consequence of a felony conviction.

If you were charged with a felony and they drop it to a misdemeanor and you plead no contest is it still being convicted of a felony?

No. Though it still may appear on your RAP sheet as a felony conviction (as RAP sheets suck). And, if you received a withhold of adjudication, it won't even be a conviction of a misdemeanor.

What criminal record stops you from being a nurse?

A person cannot be a nurse with a felony conviction.

Can a NY felony conviction prevent you from being a volunteer firefighter?

Yes, depending upon what the felony was, it can certainly be a factor in being selected to become a member of any fire company.

Can you buy a gun if you were charged with a felony 10 years ago?

A felony does not go away unless the conviction is expunged from your record by govt. officials. Because of this, it doesn't matter how long ago you were convicted of a felony, owning, purchasing, or being in possession of a firearm is illegal.

How long before you can own a gun being a felon?

Never. A felony conviction sticks with you for life.

What can you write on app that you will discuss felony conviction during an interview?

this would prove that the person as being tried and convicted of a felony charge and found guilty

Can you still become a police officer if i have committed a felony as a juvenile but it has been cleared?

You certainly can. If the record was destroyed because of it being a juvenile conviction, you'd be perfectly fine.

How can you get a job with the government after former conviction on a felony?

It's not impossible to get a job with government after conviction of a felony, but it does severely limit your field of opportunity. You would never be capable of being hired for a "position of trust," although you might be employable in a lower-level position.

Statute of limitations felony conviction state of Tn?

Question is worded poorly. Need to know exactly what is being asked. (A) the limitation for the prosecution of a felony offense, or (B) how long you have to wait to expunge a felony from your record?

Can a felony robery prevent you from getting a CDL in texas?

Unless the felony involved the use of a CMV, you can still get a CDL. The conviction will, however, prevent you from being employed as a CDL driver.

Can a person with a felony drug conviction in the state of Alabama own a gun of any type?

In Alabama, being convicted of a violent crime automatically disqualifies one from owning a firearm, as does being "a drug addict". Whether a felony drug conviction fulfills either of these criteria is beyond the scope of this website to authoritatively tell you.

If icould be in medical field with a aggravated robbery conviction?

It depends on whether or not your job or position needs to be licensed by the state. If so, a felony conviction MAY prevent you from being state licensed.

Can you carry a firearm in ga after being off parole?

If it's for a felony conviction, or a conviction for a domestic violence-related charge (whether felony or misdemeanor), the answer is not only no, but you also may not purchase, possess, or be allowed access to firearms - not just in Georgia, but in the whole of the United States.

How long does a felony remain on the convicted person's record?

Permanently. The exceptions are a pardon or expungement granted by the governor of the state in which the person received the felony conviction or the President if it is a federal conviction. Such acts are taken in relation to wrongful conviction. For example, the person being cleared in a retrial or by evidence such as DNA being presented that proves the person inoccent of the crime for which he or she was convicted.

Can you vote if you have a felony conviction?

This is currently a question that is being looked at in many states, but generally speaking convicted felons are precluded from voting. Best thing to do would be to call your local Supervisor of Elections and ask.

Can you become a nurse with a felony conviction?

No indication is given as to what state is being asked about. You will have to contact the state agency that license nurses in your state to learn this.

Can a federal felony be expunged?

Not if it was a valid conviction. Although you can go to a laywer and get some of your rights back as in voting or being able to use a gun to hunt.

Can ex felons practice law?

In most states a felony conviction is not an absolute bar to practicing law. In many states (e.g.:Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas, etc) a felony conviction prevents a person from being admitted to the Bar and thus they would be unable to practice law in those states.

Can you retain a professional license after a felony?

Whether a license can be obtained despite a past felony conviction will depend on the type of license, how long ago the felony was, whether you were honest about disclosing these facts before applying or if you lied about it, and whether your background will interfere with your ability to do that job with an acceptable level of risk to the well-being and safety of others. This determination is made by state boards, national associations, and committees within various professions. For example, a past manslaughter and drug conviction with time served may not stop you from being a lawyer- but may stop you form being a registered nurse. A fraud conviction might stop you from doing either. Ultimately it is up to the governing organizations.

Why was Paul Robeson investigated by the HUAC in the 20th century?

i think it was because he was accused of being a communist

What besides a felony conviction voids a person from owning a firearm?

Being a minor, an illegal alien, having remounced US citizenshio, having been adjudged mentally imcompetent, being fugitive from justice, under indictment for felony, having been convicted of a crime of domestic violence.

Can a convicted felon work for US Department of Veterans Affairs?

The answer is, it depends. The major variables are what you were convicted of, how long ago the conviction was, and (probably most importantly) whether or not you are honest about the conviction during the application and hiring process. I have heard of federal employees being terminated after hiring for not disclosing a felony conviction - the conviction itself wasn't the problem, it was the falsifying of the application that led to the problems.