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Can you be past due and still get a car loan?

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Depends on your definition of past due. If you mean past due "by a few days late all the time", then yes you can still get a loan. If you mean past due "30 days or more past due here and there or infrequently then it may be more difficult but yes you can still get a loan. It will refect in the rate and terms offered-the more past due, the higher the rate. If you are "constantly late, then probably not! Your credit reports will refect payments that are 30 days or more past due (ex: due on the 1st and pd after the 1st of the following month), they will not refect payments that are 10 or 15 days past due.

2006-07-31 18:29:34
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Q: Can you be past due and still get a car loan?
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I had a car that got repossessed and I was left owing a lot on the loan and then I got married. Is my husband now responsible for my past due loan?

No. Because the car was purchased prior to the marriage.

Can you still pay off the balance due on an expired car loan?

Anytime there is a balance due, you can pay off that balance.

Can you keep paying your car loan after its due?


Can a bank repo a car after the contract has expired and you still owe money on the loan?

A contract for a car loan does not expire. A borrower must pay the balance on the loan in full, according to the terms, in order to take ownership of a car. A lender can repossess a car at any time due to a default on the loan, even if there is only one payment left.

If you are in a car accident and the car is totaled does your car loan get paid off through insurance?

Not unless you have the new option in insurance of the new car replacement. If your car is totaled, you will be paid the Blue Book price for your vehicle. This sum is the amount your vehicle is worth at this time. Any amount over this sum that is still owed to a car loan is still due.

Can your car still be repossessed after you've paid half of your past due balance?

Of course. The whole idea of "security" in your pledge of the car in exchange for the loan is that it is easier to repossess it than to sue you for non-payment, and that applies up until the very last payment is made.

How to collect past due loan with contract?

You need to sue in court. The court depends on the amount of the loan.

Can they still repossess your car if you get caught up on the payments?

Depending on the state of residence, it is possible for a lender to still repossess your car if you get caught up on the payments. Certain states allow a lender to request full payment of an auto loan when borrowers fall behind, even if they have caught up on past due payments.

Can you trade in a used car for another car if you are still making payments on the first car?

Yes you can, but you have to owe less on the car than the trade in given. In other words if you owe 2,000 on the car and they give you three that means the loan on car 1 gets paid off and you have a 1,000 towards the price of car 2. But if you owed 5,000 on car 1 and they gave you 3,000 you would still have a balance due on car loan 1.

Can a company legally refuse full past due payment plus repo fees after the car has been repossessed?

Yes, this is because the loan agreement was voided when you were late with one payment.The lender has decided to auction or sell the car even though you can bring the loan current,they can do this.

What if you voluntary repossession of your car due to excessive car repairs?

You are combining two unrelated items.The bank doesn't care if your car is running or the problems with it they want their money.A voluntary repo is the same as a non voluntary repo you will still owe the balance of the loan after the car is sold and the amount deducted from your outstanding loan.

If you return your car to the lender are you still responsible to keep paying the loan?

Heidi, as a general rule, YES. You are responsible for the UNPAID balance due on the loan. Example, you owe 5000.00, car gets sold for 2500.00, you owe 2500.00 plus fees.Good Luck

Can a apartment complex collect past due rent if the apartment has been released?

Past due rent is past due rent, no matter how you look at it. It is money that is still due the landlord.

Can the bank repossess a 30K dollar car when less than half is still owed and only 128 dollars is past due?

The bank can legally repossess a car at any time you default on the loan regardless of the vehicles value or the amount past due. If your car payment is due on April 1st and you don't pay than you are legally in default on your contract. If you make a partial payment (less than the amount you agreed to pay in your contract every month) and the bank didnt agree to this arrangement then you are still in default. The best bet would be to pay the $128 before the car is repossessed or to pay the back balance owed if it has already been repossessed.

What do you do if your extended warranty won't cover repairs and your car payment is due?

talk with the bank in which you have the car loan through about deferring your curent months payment due to car repairs.

If you get youre car get repossed can you buy a new car?

Sure, but you might have trouble getting the loan to buy it due to the fact that your other car got repossessed by the bank that gave you another loan.

What is a word which means ' pass due'?

Past due is when you payment is not made on the time established when receiving a loan or credit card. If the payment is due on the 15th of each month and you pay it on the 17th. the payment was past due two days.

Can a bank repossess a car who's registration is past due?


Is it right to offset deposits to the interest of a past due loan account of an individual and not to the principal balance of the loan?


What can you do if you can't pay car payment due to incarceration?

Alot of car/loan companies will work with you if you can show them proof you were incarcerated.

If you volunteer a repossession do you have to pay off your car loan?

YES, you have to pay off the loan. You have agreed to pay the lender X number of dollars for X number of months in return for letting you use X number of dollars to buy a car. Once the car is sold, the sale price is deducted from the balance due and you still owe that amount.

If the account being reviewed for loan modification due to hardship ollection department still call you daily about past due amount?

It is possible that your loan has already been sold to a third-party collection agency which may be attempting to collect the debt on its own - and actually have no knowledge of the loan modification you are attempting to work out with the lender. Notify the lender and perhaps they can recall your account from collections and end the harassment.

I had a car that got reposed and was left owning a lot on the loan and then I got married. Is my husband responsible for my pass due loan?

No, the only person responsible for the debt is the people who were on the loan.

Can you get a home loan if you owe a school loan?

Of course as long as you have the income to support both loans. If you are past due with your school loans the process will be much more difficult.

Can you sell your car if it has been charged off?

A charged-off loan is one where the lender of the money no longer believes the loan is profitable, due to the loss of value of the car. This is an accounting term and has no bearing on the amount of money a car will go for.