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Yes. The only way to determine if your pregnant is to see your Doctor and secure a professional pregnancy test, or wait and see what happens.

2006-08-16 00:37:43
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Q: Can you be pregnant if you spot for 2 days then 1 week later have 7 days of very light on and of spotting 2 neg hpt results?
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If you have spotting 2 weeks after intercourse and then get ovulation discharge does it mean you are not pregnant?

I had light brown spotting and discharge and I was pregnant.

Can you still be pregnant if you had light spotting on the day of your period along with cramping?

If you only had light spotting and a bit of cramping and it has all stopped you may be pregnant.

Is it possible to be pregnant if you have had light spotting for a week?


Can you have a negative hpt and have light blood spotting and still be pregnant?

i have spotting but its a light flow that i have never had. i have all the pregnant symptoms is it normal the blood is not brown but a deep red?

Can you still be pregnant if you've had your period once but it was VERY light but then you had it again 2 weeks later?

Yes, Spotting is common during pregnancy.

Could I be pregnant I had light pink spotting for 4 days and then it stopped...2 days later it started up again but it's very very light pink like almost nothing What can it be?


Your period is heavy and last for five days this time you had two days of light pink spotting two days later you began to bleed a light flow that lasted three days could you be pregnant?

Yes. It is possible to bleed, light or heavy and be pregnant. I had light spotting and some bleeding for the first three months of my pregnancy. You need to see a doctor to be evaluated soon.

Is light spotting normal if your not pregnant?

Spotting is not normal, but very common that some consider it a normal variation of menstruation.

Could you be pregnant if your tubes were tied 4 yrs ago and am late 4 months and spotting light pink?

Spotting light pink is a charachteristic of being should really go to a clinic and find out, especially if you miss your period four months..or have cramps, tenderness, and light spotting.

Could you be pregnant if you had a very light period this month that lasted 2 days and now you are spotting about 2 weeks later and you are not using protection?

Yes definitely.

What does it mean when your period is over and three days later you have light pink spotting?

Well to me it may be that you are pregnant, if so you should take a ept as soon as possible.

What is my chances of getting pregnant 1 week after my period and my bf cums inside of me then you had light spotting?

Spotting can possibly be a symptom of pregnancy.

You had your period Jan 3 it stopped on the 8th then on the 10th you had cramping and light spotting could you be pregnant?

It is unlikely that you are pregnant

How can you tell if you are pregnant if you do have a light period?

Spotting could be mistaken as a light period. I would suggest going to see a doctor because you could be pregnant.

Can you have spotting and cramping if you're not pregnant?

Yes. You can have spotting in between cycles or at the start of a very light period. Take a home pregnancy test if you'd like to confirm whether or not you are pregnant

What are the chances of getting pregnant when you are on the second month of taking the pill but the condom broke during the ovulation window and you now have light spotting 4 days later?

If you are taking the pill properly you should not be ovualting so you will not get pregnant.

When you are 6 weeks pregnant and are having light spotting should you go to the doctor?

you can but its normal

Your period is due but all you are getting is a light brown spotting could you be pregnant?

yes. I had light brown spotting when my period was due and I was pregnant!Normally it is considered implantaion bleeding. Brown blood, is old blood so it is normally fine.

You think im pregnant but you got your period and its light?

You could be pregnant because spotting does occur during pregnancy, but you might just be having a light period.

Could i be pregnant when i have this light brown spotting for 2 days after my ovulation?

Pregnant women usually spot after becoming pregnant. My advice is to go get checked.

Is it normal to have cramps and light spotting and still be pregnant?

It's not normal, but can happen. See your doctor.

Could you be pregnant if you just have light spotting on the day you're supposed to start your period?


Spotting light cramping at 6 weeks pregnant?

You need to go to the doctor and call your OB

Is light pink spotting a sing that I am pregnant?

Probably better to get a test, a few women may bleed when pregnant, but the majority of women don't.

Has anyone had brown spotting as late as 17 weeks pregnant?

Yes. I am 17 weeks 3 days pregnant and at 17w0d I had light brown spotting for about 36 hours. My midwife said not to worry unless it's accompanied by cramping, fever, diarrhea, or heavy red bleeding. It's mostly gone now 3 days later.