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I don't think keeping a car slated for repossession in Illinois is a felony.

Yes you can it is a felony in the state of Illinois if you hide your car or any morgaed property from a secured creditor,It is called Concelment of Colleteral.Check the state of illlinos genaral assambley web site

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 20:47:07
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Q: Can you be prosecuted as a felon in Illinois for not turning the car in for repossession?
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No, you cannot get a barber license in Illinois if you are a convicted felon

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Not in Illinois

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No felon can legally posses a gun

What if you are caught with a gun and are a felon and trespassing?

you are not allowed to carry a firearm if you are a felon. you should expect to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. if trespassing, you could be shot.

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Not in Illinois, nor any other state.

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no, but they can run for governor

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A felon cannot practice law in Illinois or in any other state. Lawyers need to have good character and be able to prove it to be licensed by the board.

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Because no one wants a felon around them with sharp objects!

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Convicted felon in possession of a firearm is a FEDERAL offense and would be handled under the sentencing guidelines in effect in the federal court system NOT Illinois.

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Yes, as long as they are off of parole/probation. Illinois law does not consider a crossbow as a firearm.

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Legally a felon is able to do so, though the odds of being hired at such a firm are extremely low.

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The felon should have no access to a firearm, the firearm should be stored in a secure place that he has no possibility of accessing.

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Yes, a convicted felon can vote in Illinois upon release from prison. In fact, convicted felons can vote in all but 13 states. Some states (not including Illinois) have restrictions regarding the ex-felon's status (e.g., parole, probation, etc.).

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You need to consult with a lawyer.

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yesYou can legally own anything (except for a handgun and body armor) as a felon, even if you're still in prison.

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A felon cannot own or possess a firearm. That means he cannot have one in his home, car, reach, or vicinity. It is possible for rights to be restored.