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yesYou can legally own anything (except for a handgun and body armor) as a felon, even if you're still in prison.
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Q: Can an Illinois drug felon on parole own a car?
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Is car hit and run a violation of parole in Illinois?

Most definitely.

Can a convicted felon work with another convicted felon at a car lot?

If he has served the full term of his sentence and is not on parole or probation, yes. HOWEVER - if they are on parole or probation it would not be unusual for one of the conditions of their release to be that they not associate with known felons. THAT might prevent them from holding employment at a place where another convicted felon is employed.

Can an ex-felon obtain a car dealers license in the state of Texas?

In Texas, an ex-felon can obtain a car dealers license. However, the state requires the felony to have occurred at least 3 years prior from sentence, probation, or parole.

Can a felon carry a firearm in Illinois?

A felon cannot own or possess a firearm. That means he cannot have one in his home, car, reach, or vicinity. It is possible for rights to be restored.

Can you be prosecuted as a felon in Illinois for not turning the car in for repossession?

I don't think keeping a car slated for repossession in Illinois is a felony. Yes you can it is a felony in the state of Illinois if you hide your car or any morgaed property from a secured creditor,It is called Concelment of Colleteral.Check the state of illlinos genaral assambley web site

Can a felon be in a car with a licensed gun carrier?

Yes, a felon can be in a car with a licensed gun carrier, but the felon is not allowed to access the gun. The law states that the felon may not own or possess the gun.

Can you keep gun in car?

as long as you are not a felon, yes

Can a person with a felon buy a new car?


What will the taxes be if a car is bought in Illinois and the car is going to California immediately?

Yeah, so a car just buy in illinois. Buying illinois' simply the way it is

Where can you find discount car insurance in Illinois?

Most major insurance companies offer car insurance in Illinois, including State Farm and Allstate. Illinois Car Insurance Center also offers car insurance to Illinois residents.

Can a felon get used car dealer license in New Mexico?


What if a felon had someone in his car that had a gun and he get charge to what can he do?

goto jail

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