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From my understanding, if you are after hours away from the office and it does not interfere with your work the next day, then it is your business. However, some employers may use this as a reason to terminate or reprimand you. I would check with the employment laws in your area or contact the EEOC for more information as it may be illegal in some states for employers to do that. In other states where the " at will" is in place, then an employer can terminate or reprimand as long as it is not discriminatory in any way. It would be unusual. But, if you got drunk and insulted a client, made a pass at a coworker, threw up at an awards dinner. . . any of those are not going to help your case. Also, employers have to treat all employees fairly, so if they fire you for havig one drink, they have to fire anyone else who's done it.

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Q: Can you be reprimanded or fired for drinking after work with friends while on business travel?
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