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When you are out on bail it is similar to probation in that the court system is allowing you out under certain conditions. These conditions almost always include the non-use of drugs or alcohol. They can require you to submit to random testing and you have to comply or your bail will be revoked and you will sit in jail.

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Is a bailment always a trust?

Bail hasn`t been a trust in decades. This can be confusing as sometimes bail is of a justifiable amount that you or someone who is so-signing the bail bond may have to put up their house as collateral. In THIS case a "deed of trust" is filed against your home, but all that is is a record that there is potential claim against your home if the person forfeits bail by not appearing. Bail itself is little more than a loan secured by a "bond" that someone signs.

How do you pass a urine test for oxicotton using home remedies?

how do you pass a urine test for oxicotton using home remedies?

Passing a urine test at home?

Please state your question in a complete sentence. What do you want to know about passing a urine test at home?

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HCG is measured in urine or blood?

Both. Home pregnancy tests measures HCG in the urine, but in the hospital they use both tests. The blood test is more accurate but takes longer to process. A urine test takes just a few minutes, while a blood test takes about an hour.

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Can a home with a reverse mortgage be used as collateral for a bail bond?

Yes it can, however there may be stipulations to your reverse mortgage contract that would either allow or disallow the pledge of the home. Another factor is the current market value of the home and the banks willingness to sell or to reassign the note on the reverse mortgage. Jake's Bail Bonds has experience with reverse mortgaged homes and can assist (depending on your circumstances) with most reverse mortgaged homes used for a bail bond. Jake's Bail Bonds (408) 269-0009 office Jacob Peters - Jake Peters Owner / Agent CA Bail Agent 1843427 * Loved one in jail? Call Jake Now!

What happens at trial when you can't post bail?

You wait in a jail cell while the trial goes on. You are taken out of your jail cell to attend the trial, and sent back to your jail cell at night, after the trial goes home for the night.

Where is Tina turner first son's father?

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Can you take bail bonds classes online?

There are several different programs offered online for anyone who wants to become a bail bondsman. One website is Yes, there are several websites that allow you to take bail bonds classes from your home. A great website is

How can my brother get out of jail if he has a home invasion charge?

Home Invasion is a VERY SERIOUS felony charge. If he is offered bail at all, it is likely to be in a very high amount.

Are you responsible for carrying insurance on a home until foreclosure?

Yes, of course you are! Don't let it forclose! There are people out there that can bail you out!!!

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A urine home pregnancy test or a urine test at the doctor or a blood test at the doctor.

Reliability home urine drug test?

Very reliable.

Will putting water in your urine pass a home drug test?


Can a probation officer in Ohio do a urine test in your home?

no he cant

Could a girl use another girls urine for a drug test?

yes, but home drug test another girl urine.

Will Substituting human urine with dog urine work on a home drug test?

yes. anything liquid that does not contain the drugs that are on the test will.

How can you get a bail bondsman to work with you if you don't have all the money needed?

You can get a bail bondsman to work with you if you don't have all the money needed by offering up collateral. Collateral such as a home or car can be used to make up the difference of the bond in most cases.

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how to read drug test at home

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Clean urine of pcp

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