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Yes, although this is rare. The job skills and educational background required to be a veterinary technician is very different from the job skills and educational background required for a veterinarian.

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Q: Can you become a veterinarian and a veterinarian technician?
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What kind of state tests or exams do you have take in order to become a Veterinarian technician?

you have to take a test on veterinarian medicines

How is a veterinarian different then a veterinary technician?

A veterinarian is a medical doctor and a veterinary technician is not, so the veterinary technician is limited to acting as an assistant to the veterinarian.

What qualifications are needed to become a veterinarian technician?

To become a qualified veterinarian technician you have to acquire a 2 year associates degree or a 4 year bachelors degree from a school that is certified by the American Veterinary Medical Association.. After that you must be certified by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

What other schooling would a veterinary technician need to become a veterinarian?

Being an experienced veterinary technician will give you a leg up, but you still need to get a bachelor's degree (preferably in a science) and get into and successfully complete veterinary school. See the related question on what is need to be a veterinarian.

What is the difference between a veterinarian and a vet tech?

In simple terms, the Veterinarian is the doctor and the Veterinary Technician is the nurse. The Veterinarian makes diagnoses and prescribes treatments, the Veterinary Technician carries out the treatment orders, or assists the Veterinarian in ensuring treatments are completed.

What is the difference between a veterinarian and and registered veterinarian techinician?

A veterinarian can operate on your pet, and perscribe medication. A technician can not do either one of those actions If you were comparing this to human medicine, a veterinarian is the doctor, and a registered veterinary technician (RVT) would be the registered nurse (RN).

What pay more a veterinary tech or veterinarian?

A veterinarian makes significantly more than a veterinary technician.

What is a veterinarian assitant?

A veterinary assistant is a person who assists a veterinarian in providing medical care for animals but does not meet the requirements to be a veterinary technician or veterinarian.

What did snooki do in her history?

She was a cheerleader & she was studying to be a veterinarian technician in college.

What is careers start with V or X?

Veterinarian and Xray Technician.

How many years does it take to be veterinarian tech?

It takes two years at a technical college to become a Veterinary Technician. After that, you take your certification exam. HTH!

Can a veterinary technician become a veterinarian?

Yes, although this isn't that common in the United States. A veterinary technician would have to go back to college and complete the pre-requisite classes to apply to vet school, then complete four years of vet school, same as any other person who is interested in becoming a veterinarian.

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