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Q: Can you bite off a tastebud?
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What is the lifespan of a tastebud?

The lifespan of a tastebud is approximately 10 days, though it can be shorter depending on the conditions inside the mouth.

Average lifespan of a tastebud?

10-14 days

How long is the lifespand of a tastebud?

7-10 days

Can a shark bite your leg off?

Yes of course it can! It could bite off anything.

The four main types of tastebud are what?

Bitter, sour, salty, sweet.

Would a shark ever bite someones head off?

yes, it would bite off any other body part, why woulden't it bite off your head?

When yellow foot has red purple crayon in south moola and read first cool new unlogical?

the red beet feel will explode three tastebud the red beet feel will explode three tastebud

How is Grimace the purple thing from McDonalds a tastebud?

he's not. just deal w it

Do pufferfish bite?

Yes they can, if your not careful it could bite off your finger.

Can a hamster bite your finger off?

Not in one bite, but it can nibble your finger off. It would be quite painful though.

Do black bear bite?

yes they do bite why ask that not really bite but maul your face off and kill you

Can a ferret bite your finger off?

It is doubtful they could bite your finger off but they can certainly give a nasty bite A ferret would not be able to bite a humans finger off, but they would be able to bite through your finger. They have very sharp teeth and a powerful jaw that can exert a great deal of pressure.

Did van gogh bite his ear off?

im gonna awnser your question with a question, how can people bite there own ear offNo, he cut a part off it off

Did Ozzy osbourne really bite the head off of a dove?

Yes. He was either high or drunk, and he did bite its head off!

Did Ozzy Osbourne really bite the head off a dove?

Yes. He was either high or drunk, and he did bite its head off!

What figure of speech is don't bite my head off?

ill bite your face

Can a fox bite your head off?

While a fox could give you a nasty bite and do quite a bit of damage, it isn't big enough to actually bite off your head.

Do mosquitoes just bite and fly off?

Mosquitos (females only) bite to get a drink of blood, which they consume as food. Then they fly off.

Can you pull your finger off?

No. But people have been known to bite it off.

How do you get rid of an inflamed tastebud?

You probably want to drink tons of water and stay away from salty foods.

Do alligator snapping turtles bite?

Hell yeah that thing will bite your face off if it has the chance

How can you protect from mosquitoes bite?

wear off

Why does your rabbit lick then bite you?

They are licking the salt off of your skin and then they might take a sneaky little bite.

What rockstar was trying to bite the head off a bat in concert when the bat decided to bite back?

The beetles.

Will maggots bite your baby?

Maggots do not actually bite, but you should keep them off and away form your baby.