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Can you buy The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker from the Wii shop?

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Wind Waker is a retail Gamecube game and cannot be bought from the Wii shop.

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the bomb shop is at windfall island

No, but you can play the GameCube version of The Wind Waker on the Nintendo Wii if you have a GameCube controller A HD version has also been released for the Nintendo Wii U

Zunari is the hooded man in the blue sweatjacket in Windtown. He runs a shop where you can buy strange-smelling flowers to make the town look "joyful"...

Go back to Windfall Island, and sneak into the bomb shop. They will be having a conversation, and they will give the answer you need.

if youre talking about the one on the pirate ship (windfall) then you need to go to the back of the bomb shop and sneak in. they will say it. (read text.) they say it twice.

You have to go to the flower shop at windfall island and agree to the quest he asks you to do. Give and get flowers from 3 different gorons at sea and bring them back to him o get the magic armor

i just finished that game, i believe it is Treasure, with capital T But that changes because the first time i played was Plankton... but the second time was Treasure. Just check in the bomb shop to find out

You can get Zelda on the wii shop channel, but only on virtual console, so you need a gamecube controller or a wii classic controller to play them. Here is the list: The legend of Zelda Legend of Zelda link to the past Legend of Zelda majoras mask Legend of Zelda orcarina of time Zelda II (I think)

He's on Windfall Island. He runs the Joy Pedestal shop place and at night he runs the auction in the rich guy's house.

There are a total of four bottles that you can get in The Wind Waker:- First one is giving to you by Medli in Dragon Roost Island- In a Submarine near Bomb Island, if you defeat all the enemies inside, you will get another bottle- In Beedle's Shop near Rock Spire Island, you can buy one for 500 rupees- On Windfall Island, you have to confront Mila at night time and she will give you a bottle

First, your sail, then after dragon roost island you make a merchant's promise and after finding and trading with all the merchants he gives you a Heart piece. your cheater, Shadow (the Hedgehog)

By "Zelda Wii" I'm assuming you mean The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The shop, or as it's called 'the Bazaar" is lcoated in the centre of Skyloft, near the Knights Academy.

There is a hole in which you can dig through to get under the house.

Yes you can, from the Wii Shop Channel, if you buy it

You can usually find them in Beeltle's shop. He is the boat that goes around many of the main islands.

depends which one you are talking about, but yes. unless ofcourse you are talking about the new Legend of Zelda Four Swords Anniversiry edition, on the dsi shop for free

From what i heard there will be a legend of zelda ocarina of time on the wii. It is a virtual console title purchasable in the wii shop channel. And you can use a classic controller or gamecube controller.

Southern swamp its behind the hags potion shop.

It is already available through the WII shop. Purchase some Wii points and Search for Legend of Zelda. You will not be scammed for the Wii App was created by Wii itself! Just find the Wii shop app. (it should be akready installed with a wii)

Probably at a local GameStop or pawn shop. If not, look on eBay.

yes u can do to the dsi shop and download it it is free to do

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