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You can have it insured in your name, You can have it titled in your name as lienholder and have it registered to another party

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Q: Can you buy a car in Florida and have it titled in your name but tagged and insured by someone else?
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Can you register your car in Florida if it is insured and titled in your grams name?

No, the vehicle would need to be titled in your name for you to be able to register it. Your grandmother could register it in Florida and let you drive it.

Can a car be titled in your name but put on someones elses auto insurance?

No yes. the titled owner should be listed as an aditional insured.

Can a car be titled and registered in one persons name and insured in another in nys?


Is there a difference between who owns a boat and who it is insured to?

Yes. Most companies will not insure an individual with a boat or any property if there is not a financial interest between the property & the insured. More specifically, it has to be titled and/or registered to the listed insured on the policy.

Can you be added to anybodyies auto insurance?

You may be added to someone else's policy as a driver if you operate their vehicle. You cannot put a vehicle titled in your name on someone elses policy. The vehicle must be insured in the name of the person who owns the policy.

Are you liable if your 20-year-old son drives a car titled to you and insured by you after having a seizure?

Who had the seizure?

Can a Florida certificate of destruction vehicle be titled in Pennsylvania?

No Try Kentucky

Where do you pay car sale tax?

If you purchased the car from a dealership, the dealer collects it from you and pays it. If you purchased the car from a private owner, the county courthouse will collect it from you when you get it tagged and titled.

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a moped in pa?

not if its 50cc or less, but you need a driver's license and the moped needs to be titled, registered, and insured.

Do you have to have insurance on a car before you can change owners?

A vehicle can be titled without insurance, but must be insured before getting a tag or registration. Exception: If a car still has a lien from a financing company, the car may have to be insured to change owners.

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Is it okay for your daughter in college to have her car titled in her name but be covered by insurance under her parents name?

In most states it's not legal. The vehicle must be insured by the owner.

You have a trailer that's been abandoned on your place i want a for it so i can put it too work title?

Check with the agency that issues tags and or titles in your area, they should be able to advise you how to go about getting it tagged and or titled.

How long do you have to hold a car someone bought from you?

You can sell it immediately if it is your car titled in your name.

How do you start a halfway house in Florida?

Please see the link below titled: "How To Open A Halfway House In The United States.

Can a person own a car but be insured under another person's policy?

For a car to be covered, the policy must be issued in the name of the titled owner of the vehicle. No one else has an insurable interest in the vehicle.

Three car hauler on your place that's been abanedond and you want title so you can put it too work how do you do that?

Check with the agency that issues tags and or titles in your area, they should be able to advise you how to go about getting it tagged and or titled.

Can someone suing you go after a property that is titled to your wife?

Yes, if you live in a community property state.

If someone gave me a car as a gift and the title and registration are in only my name and the person who gave it to me wants it back to give to someone else can they sue you for it?

if someone died and has a car how can you find out who it is titled to

What do you need to get your car out of inpound can I be the owner n have it insured in someone els name?

I will answer the second part first. The insurance and name on the title must be the same. The only allowance for a difference is when a husband and wife have two vehicles titled in each name but the insurance can be in both names. As far as getting a vehicle out of impound that will be determined by the local jurisdiction you are dealing with.

Is the bank liable for Taxes and HOA fees on foreclosed homes in Florida?

The titled owner is responsible for taxes and assessments: if such an owner is a bank, the bank is responsible.

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How much do the tax tag and title cost on motorcycles in Florida?

Tag / registration is $24.10 per year Tax is 7% of bike sale price. Title is $33.25 if bike previously titled outside FL, $29.25 for new bike or previously titled in FL.

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