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Can you buy a car in Florida and have it titled in your name but tagged and insured by someone else?


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2015-07-15 18:47:44
2015-07-15 18:47:44

You can have it insured in your name, You can have it titled in your name as lienholder and have it registered to another party


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No, the vehicle would need to be titled in your name for you to be able to register it. Your grandmother could register it in Florida and let you drive it.

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No yes. the titled owner should be listed as an aditional insured.

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Yes. Most companies will not insure an individual with a boat or any property if there is not a financial interest between the property & the insured. More specifically, it has to be titled and/or registered to the listed insured on the policy.

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You may be added to someone else's policy as a driver if you operate their vehicle. You cannot put a vehicle titled in your name on someone elses policy. The vehicle must be insured in the name of the person who owns the policy.

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If you purchased the car from a dealership, the dealer collects it from you and pays it. If you purchased the car from a private owner, the county courthouse will collect it from you when you get it tagged and titled.

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