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No, you can't. When Buying a home you will need two years of empolyment history, and it is not good if you are job hopping, That shows that bank that you are not reliable enough to make that commitment. Even if you have a big downpayment, "How are you to pay the rest?" is what the bank is going to question. and take a look at your credit score to make sure that your score is in good condtion. and if you have any past collections in the past 3 years you might wanna do something about that also. If they are a large amount the bank might require you to pay them off also. you might wanna go talk to a mortgage service near you and get advice on what to do.

AnswerYes, you can on march 28, 2006 my husband and I just bought a house on Georgia we currently live in San Francisco so it was inposible for us to prove two year of income the only thing we provide to loan officer was two years cancel checks for our rental place and a excellent credit we bought the house with no down payment, no closing cost we only pay for insurance.I hope this information help you!
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Q: Can you buy a house with no job but a good down payment?
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How much is a good down payment to buy a house?


What do you need for to buy a house?

Some things are - A job, money for down payment and good credit.

Can you buy a house with 1000 down payment?


What is a down payment on a house?

Most people borrow money from a bank when they want to buy a house, but they usually do not borrow 100% of the cost of the house. They usually do have some money to apply toward the cost of the house, and that amount is called a down payment. So to buy a house costing $200,000 a person might make a down payment of $50,000 and then borrow the remaining $150,000.

Can you buy a house with a 5000 down payment?

I would say yes, but not a very big house.

Find a House With No Money Down?

If you thought that you could not buy a house with no money down, you would be wrong. There are ways to get around paying a down payment for a house if you know where to look. Find a home that has been on the market for a long period of time. The realtor will sometimes not require a down payment just to get the house sold. Homes that are sold by individuals are more likely to not require a down payment.

What do i need to buy a house?

You need either enough cash to pay the selling price or a down payment, a good credit history and a steady job.

How to Buy a House with No Money Down?

During the housing boom, it was easy to buy a house with no money down. However, the disastrous consequences of that have caused lending to be tightened. The best way to buy a house with no down payment in today's market is to purchase a small house and use a loan with large, stable payments. This reduces the risk to the bank, and makes it clear they will get their money back. It is necessary to have good credit as well, so one should repair their credit or cultivate good credit beforehand if they want to buy a house in such a manner.

What percent down payment to buy a 250000.00 home?

What is the minimum percent down payment to buy a 250,000.00 home?

Do you have to pay cash to buy a foreclosed home?

Not all cash. You have to pay some cash to buy any home (the down payment). Therefore you buy it the same way you would buy any house.

How much do you save to buy a house?

It will depend on how good your credit is and what you want your payments to be. If the price of a house is $100,000 and your credit is good and your fico score(this is your credit score) is 660 or higher You will need to put down 5%-10 % or $5,000 - $10,000 plus closeings cost of another 4% or $4,000.00 so if your credit is good you will need to save 9% -15% of the cost of the house you want to buy. Now if you have bad credit, you should clean up your credit before you buy. With bad credit your intrest rate will be high and your house payment will be high.

What price of house can you buy if you make a 300k slaary?

The general tip is to buy a house that is half of your salary. Depending on how much your expenses are throughout the year, the percentage can go up or down. A good idea would be to do some budgeting to see how much you can afford to pay as down payment and how much you can contribute to your mortgage payments. Then take into account interest rates and back track to find the price of the house you can be comfortable with.

What is the average monthly house payments?

That is one heck of a good question, what is the average monthly house payment, visit this website and you well get the answers that you want. No I am just kidding, the average monthly house payment would her $900. It all depends on what kind of house you want to buy. A big house it would be more, a little house it would be less.

How do you buy a home with no down payment?

You can purchase a home with no money down when you make arrangements with the owner. Some companies will allow you to use your land as a down payment as well.

What happens if you buy a house with a lien on it and you didnt know?

Whose responsible for the house payment= mortgagee or owner

How Can I buy a home?

With the market being so low it is very hard to get that kind of credit without a large down payment. Good luck!

How much is a car payment Chevy?

Depends on which Chevy you buy, what your pay for it, down payment or trade in, and how long you finance it for.

Can you buy something and take it home if you provide a down payment?

Yes, if your down payment is not the starting payment for a layaway purchase. A layaway plan provides a consistent mechanism for a person to buy a product that they cannot currently afford. That person will put down a payment (known as the "starting payment," "first layaway payment" and "securing payment") and will make subsequent payments until the product is paid for. At that point, the person may bring the product home. More traditionally, a down payment is made on something that you want to take home immediately, reducing the amount that one has to borrow (or finance) to do so. One sees down payments (and associated financing of the rest of the purchase price) on larger ticket items including: home appliances, vehicles, computers, etc. If you wish to buy something that you have a down payment for but do not have enough money to pay for the whole thing, be sure that you choose a seller that provides financing (either in-house or through a third-party).

What website has a rental property tax deduction calculator?

Good Mortgage has a calculator that helps you decide whether you should buy a house or a rent a house. They use variables like down payment, purchase price, loan interest rate, monthly rent, inflation, and rent yearly increase.

Where can a person go to buy a house with no down payment?

It is not easy for one to purchase a home with no down payment. In the US one can apply for an FHA loan but must also have a cosigner. Once one qualifies, there is no specific locations where one must purchase. There is additional information that can be found on the SFGate website.

If you have a civil judgment can you buy a car?

nope ur screwed <-what a lousy answer. Please excuse the idiot who posted this. Yes you can still buy a car, you just have to come up with a good down payment or have a good co-signer.

I would like to by a home, but credit is not so good, and i would like to know if there is a loan where I could buy a home and consiladate my bill into one payment.?

You can not do both in one loan unless you are refinancing a home you have collateral in. You may be able to get a loan as long as you have a good down payment and income.

How are fha loans better than others?

The great thing about fda loans are that they allow you to buy a house with a low down payment. This is why first time buyers enjoy this loan over others.

If you are coming into money as a young adult how should you best invest that money for long term financial stability?

First you turn 18, the legal age to buy state issued scratch lotto tickets (some states legal age is 21 like Arizona), you scratch the little boxes until you win. You take that money and buy more, and so on and so forth until you have the money to put a down payment on a house. Second, you put the scratch ticket proceeds as a down payment on a house and live in that house for a year or two, making repairs and updates until the house is satisfactory and worth more money. Then you refinance that house and rent it out. Third, you rent that house, and use the before spoken of equity for a down payment on another house. and so on and so forth, and by the time you get all this accomplished, you will know what to do with yourself and you go from there! This is the worst advice I have ever seen.

Can you buy a house with no credit?

Yes you can I do it all the time. First way is buy for sale by owner, you find a person who's house is paid for and wants to sell it. I have purchased some with no down payment and very low monthly. I purchased one from a older couple who just wanted money to live on so they did not want a big pay off just $500.00 a month till they pass away. I also purchased a home from a couple who wanted out I just got a quite claim from them and I started making the payment to the house. All these deals have work well for me so good luck!

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