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Can you buy an unlocked phone and make it a go phone with a go phone SIM card?

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Sim Card SwitcharooMost phones that accept a SIM card can be unlocked and used for any service that uses SIM card technology. AT&T and Tmobile phones & SIM cards can be used in this way. However Tracfone and Net10 phones and SIM cards cannot.

For AT&T and Tmobile, Prepaid or Contract makes no difference. I use my ATT / Cingular contract service SIM in a T-Mobile Prepaid phone. (unlocked of course). The unlocking bit, depending on the company that makes the phone, can get a little tricky; but if you put some time into searching, you can find the information you need for a small cost or most likely free altogether. I am leaving out info pertaining to technology compatibility as most state and abroad phones are GSM, and you most likely have a GSM SIM card.

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Can you use a sim card in an unlocked phone?

If the phone is unlocked you can use a sim card from any service provider, as long as the phone is built to take sim cards.

Will a SIM card for a pre-existing phone work in unlocked phones?

There should be no problem if you use a SIM card in an unlocked phone. If the phone is locked make sure the network is available to you.

How do you know if your phone is unlocked?

Try a sim card from a different carrier. If the phone works with the new sim card, then it's unlocked.

Will your vodafone sim card work on an unlocked Motorola phone?

If the phone is unlocked you should be able to put any type of sim card in there as long as it is a GSM phone with a sim card slot.

I just unlocked my phone. and put an optus sim in it to make sure it was unlocked. will the phone be locked to optus now?

No - the phone is the item unlocked - not the SIM card. If you were to replace the Optus SIM card with (for example) a T-mobile SIM - it would register to T-mobile. You could swap the SIM card back with the Optus card, and still use it.

Can you use an ATT sim card in an unlocked GSM cell phone?

Yes you can! as long as the phone is unlocked any sim card will work in it :)

Can you use a nokia sim card with a Motorola phone if the phone is unlocked?

If both the SIM you want to use and the phone you want to use it on are unlocked, then this is possible.

Can you transfer a SIM card into any phone?

Only if the SIM card has been unlocked first.

Can you use a sim card from a prepaid phone and use it in a HTC desire unlocked phone?

Yes you can. If the handset s unlocked, it will accept any carrier's SIM card.

Will an unlocked Sidekick cell phone need a SIM card to work?

Any cell phone that is unlocked requires a SIM card to work. If you own a Sidekick cell phone that is unlocked you are able to use a carrier other than T-Mobile. For this reason, it will require a SIM card to work.

What does it mean if a phone is NOT sim free but is unlocked?

ALL mobiles need a SIM card in order to make & receive calls. An unlocked hone has simply been released by the original network provider in readiness for someone to put a different company's SIM card in it. Relating to your question, the phone has been unlocked, but the seller has left their original SIM card in it. You have the choice of either using their SIM card or inserting your own.

Can you have a o2 phone and have a vodafone sim card?

Yes, you can as long as the O2 phone is unlocked, then you can use a Vodafone SIM on it, or a SIM card from a different carrier.

Can an unlocked mobile phone take a tesco mobile sim card?

Yes, An "Unlocked" Phone means you can put ANY operator ("Orange", "Vodafone" etc) SIM card in it.

Can you put your tracfone sim card in your att phone?

Yes, provided your ATT phone is SIM unlocked.

Can you text on an unlocked phone out of the US?

If you have a SIM Card, then yes.

Can you use a Cingular SIM card in a Tracfone?

On GSM Tracfones, if the phone has been unlocked a Cingular SIM card can be used. If the phone is a CDMA phone, no SIM cards can be used.

Can you put an att card in an unlocked tmobile sidekick?

You can put any SIM card in an unlocked cell phone.

Does an unlocked phone mean its used?

For a cell phone to be unlocked, it means that the phone is able to use any SIM card from any phone network type. For example, a locked Verizon Wireless phone would be unable to accept and function with an AT&T SIM card, whilst an unlocked Verizon Wireless phone would be able to accept and function with an AT&T SIM card.

Can you put an at and t contract Sim card in a net ten prepaid phone?

If the net 10 phone is "unlocked" and the sim card fits. Usually the phone needs to be unlocked network wise not pin wise.

Is it possible to use a prepaid Cingular Sim card in a Razor phone?

Yes if your Razr is from Cingular or unlocked. You can not use a T-Mobile Razor with Cingular prepaid sim card or Globaltravellersim prepaid international sim card unless your phone is unlocked.

Can AT and T Go Phone SIM cards be used in unlocked cell phones?

Hi, yes a at&t Sim card will work on any unlocked phone

what unlocked phones can be used with an ATT account We need to replace an ATT phone, don't want to pay retail for a new phone and aren't ready to renew the 2 year contract?

An unlocked phone can accept the SIM card from any cell phone provider. If you have an ATT SIM card, you can use it in an unlocked phone. A locked phone is created by the provider to force the use of its service; an unlocked phone can take any SIM card.

Can a TracFone SIM card be used in a NET10 phone?

If the NET phone is unlocked, yes.

Can you put a sim only card into a payg phone?

Assuming the handset is unlocked - yes you can. The phone will simply generate a bill with the provider of the SIM card.

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