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BARRY MANN - Who put the Bomp - 25 All Time Hits Pop CD Item number: 110193910547 Buyer or seller of this item? Sign in for your status Watch this item in My eBay View larger picture price: US $19.90 Buy It Now > Make Offer > Shipping costs: US $7.50 (discount available) Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service Service to United States (more services) Ships to: N. and S. America, Europe, Asia, Australia Item location: CD-Heaven, Germany You can also: Get mobile or IM alerts | Email to a friend Listing and payment details: Show Meet the seller Seller: restinvinyl( 35) Feedback: 100% Positive Member: since Oct-11-07 in Germany See detailed feedback Ask seller a question Add to Favorite Sellers View seller's other items: Store | List Visit seller's Store: restinvinyl-CDs Buy safely 1. Check the seller's reputation Score: 35 | 100% Positive See detailed feedback 2. Check how you're protected Up to $200 in buyer protection. See eligibility. Description (revised) restinvinyl-CDs Visit my eBay Store:restinvinyl-CDs Sign up for Store newsletter Store Categories Store home Buy now! CD's Soul - R&B CD's Soul CD's R&B CD's Blues CD's Popcorn CD's Teenage CD's Rock 'N' Roll CD's Instrumental CD's Rockabilly CD's Neo-Rockabilly CD's 50's Pop CD's 60's Pop CD's Doo Wop CD's Group CD's White Group CD's Country CD's Christmas CD's Vinyl - LPs & 45's BARRY MANN - Who put the Bomp in the Bomp Bomp Bomp Released on: Marginal MAR 007 (Limited Edition of 500) TRACKLISTING:

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